Covid-19 Winter Project – Write a Book (Where are We – NL 6)


Our last Where are We was about our cycling trip in the Netherlands. It was only two months ago, but seems like ages! With the start of autumn, Covid-19 stats rising every day and the Netherlands going into semi lockdown, we suddenly had time on our hands.

We needed some winter projects.

“What about finishing our books?” Coen suggested.

“Great idea,” I responded.

Where to begin, how to start, what to do…

Lots of excuses not to pick it up.

Winter Project 1: The Book – Van het pad af

Sometimes you need a last extra push. Esther Jacobs published a book: Zo schrijf je een boek! with tons of tips. She is the most pragmatic, down-to-earth, energetic person in the Netherlands who brings complex matters back to simple bullet lists without oversimplifying.

So, that shattered our last excuse of not finishing our book project. In fact there have been two 🙂 We decided to focus on our book in Dutch first.

Thank you for the 500 votes for your favorite cover. This is the top 3. Which one will be final choice? Stay tuned.

Fast forward, we are getting there! With the help of a couple of friends who are so kind to proofread the draft and help me decide which stories fit and which ones don’t, the book is getting its final shape as we speak.

But, writing a book is one thing. Getting it printed is a whole different ballgame. We like to be in control of all details and thus decide to self-published the book Van het pad af.

And so, December 15 we will start a crowdfunding to get the book published. We will let you know the details here and on Social Media.

Who knows this may be the kick-off for the English version (which has been finished for 90% for a long time already).

Winter Project 2: The Land Cruiser Paperwork

Our home on wheels is still locked in an open-air parking lot in Almaty, Kazachstan.

The temporary import document (say, passport for the car) was going to expire January 15. Borders around Kazakhstan are closed so even if we would be able to fly in, we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere from there and so papers needed to be extended.

We were networking with friends, business people and embassies to get it extended until we got some good news.

Read More: What is a Temporary Import Document & Carnet the Passage

Fortunately we got a press release saying that within the customs union of Russia/Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan, all vehicles in this situation (stuck because of Covid-19) will automatically be extended until March 31.

So that’s a huge relief!

Meanwhile our friend Eduard in Kazakhstan has kept us up to date about the car. It’s still there but who knows in what condition we will find it back. We left it there with the idea to be back in 5 months, not more than a year later…

We’ll see what happens.

Check it out: the Landcruising Adventure Pullover Hoodie Collection

Winter Project 3: Tie the knot

Last but not least, almost 19 years after we first met, we tied the knot last Tuesday.

It was something we had talked about, on and off, for a couple of years. If we didn’t have the time to do it this year, then when?

And so winter project 3: getting our personal paperwork organized and getting married.

A practical decision rather than the need to celebrate our being together (we do that every day) but still, it was a special day. First with Edwin and Ageeth, our friends and witnesses, later with family and my friend Mélanie.

Thanks everybody, it was great fun!

So, back to work it is, getting to the nitty gritty of the book. Talk to you soon!


Karin-Marijke & Coen

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