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We use our various talents as a freelance duo to combine our love for adventure with work we enjoy. Sometimes described as being the ‘slowest overlanders in the world,' we believe in making connections and staying in a place long enough to do so.

Our journey began in 2003 when we purchased an antique BJ45 Land Cruiser and began a three-year trip from our home in the Netherlands to Asia. This was followed by a nine-year trip in South America and, terminally infected by the overland bug, we returned to Asia and are currently in the Far East.

1. Published Articles & Photography

Our stories and photos have been published in magazines around the world, primarily in car/4WD, food and travel magazines. Coen's photography has been used in expositions and has appeared in various books.

See the tabs below for a selection of our published work, as well as what the media has to say about us.

Working with Karin + Coen while I was Founding Editor at The Latin Kitchen was a pleasure. Their writing and photography talents worked in sync to create beautiful slideshows on the bounty of South American culinary heritage and tradition. Adept at pitching relevant ideas, open-minded and collaborative in the editorial process, and receptive to feedback, I hold this team in high regard. ~Marie Elena Martinez, Founding Editor of The Latin Kitchen

2. Other Activities

Ever since we started our journey in 2003, we have been invited to stay in hotels and to join tours and activities. Most have been the result of generosity and hospitality of locals we meet along the way. In some cases we have worked with travel agencies, tour operators and hotel owners. Either way, we write about places and experiences that we thoroughly enjoy and feel are worth sharing. 

Awards & Mentions

Find us here or contact us at info [at] landcruisingadventure [dot] com

Published Work: Car & 4WD Magazines

Most of our articles in Car & 4WD magazines are first-person on-the-road stories that often takes place in little-traveled regions. While depending on the requirements of the magazine, most stories have focused on off-roading, culture or meeting people. Other topics have been: Living on the road 24/7, Landcruiser Communities, and technical-related stories about our Land Cruiser or characteristic local vehicles.

Writing & Photography for 4WD Magazine (the Netherlands, print, in Dutch)

Since 2006 we have monthly contributed with a six-page feature. The last three are:

  • September 2017 – Kunnen we Venezuela uit?
  • Jul/August 2017 – Extremen in Venezuela
  • Jun 2017 – Idyllisch wonen in Venezuela

Writing & Photography for Auto Bild Allrad (Germany, print, in German)

Since 2009 we have monthly contributed with a column. The last three are:

  • September 2017 – Into water and up the mountain (Venezuela)
  • August 2017 – La Gran Sabana (Venezuela)
  • July 2017 – Pico El Aguila (Venezuela)

Writing & Photography for Toyota Trails (United States, print & online)

Since 2007 we have contributed with one or two stories per year. The last three are:

  • July 2017 – Landcruising Adventure’s first 48 hours in Japan
  • March 2017 – Cruising on an Ocean of White (Bolivia)
  • September 2016 – Feeling Free, Captive and Welcome in Venezuela + cover photo – view article

Writing & Photography for OutdoorX4 (United States, print)

Since 2015 we have contributed with several stories. The last three are:

  • February 2016 – Colombia, the slow way
  • December 2015 – Laos, Lost in the Jungle
  • August 2015 – Brazil’s ancient past

Writing & Photography for 4×4 Magazine (United Kingdom, print)

Since 2014 we have contributed with several stories. The last three are:

  • February 2017 – Lost in Laos
  • October 2016 – Guyana’s Gold Coast
  • June 2016 – The Privilege of a Hot Bath; Driving in the Atacama Desert (Chile)

Writing & Photography for Overlander (Brazil, print, in Portuguese)

Since 2015 we have contributed with several stories. The last three are:

  • April 2017 – Aventura ou Loucura?
  • June 2015 – Um Caso de Amor
  • June 2015 – Back-page cover photo ‘Vida na Estrada não tem Preço

Our stories were also published in: Gazoline (France), Quattroruote (Italy), 4WD Toyota Owner (United States), 4×4 Magazine (Japan), WYPRAWY 4×4 and Landcruiser Adventure Club (Poland), 4×4 Activ (Belgium), 4×4 Magazine (Hungary), 4×4 Magazine (Malaysia), and the Surinaamse Auto Rally Klub magazine (Suriname).

(updated: October 2017)

Published Work: Food, Travel & Other Magazines


Writing & Photography for Overland Journal (United States, print)

Since 2015 we have contributed with several stories. The last three are:

  • March 2017 – We Rob Banks
  • January 2016 – Gear Issue: Survival Tips for the Open Road
  • October 2015 – Gold Fever in Guyana

Writing & Photography for Expedition Portal (online)

Since 2014 we have regularly contributed with overland stories and information pieces for overlanders. The last three are:

  • August 2017 – Getting Lost in Digital Advancementview article
  • July 2017 – Showering Low-budget Style when Overlandingview article
  • June 2017 – Do you Need a Fridge?view article

Writing & Photography for Explorer Magazin (Germany, print, in German & English)

  • January 2017 – Gold Rush (Guyana)
  • October 2015 – Spread for the category ‘Positions’: Star trails in the Tatacoa Desert, Colombia

Writing & Photography for BBC Travel (online)

  • November 2014 – The Road Transforming the Amazonview article

Writing & Photography for Atlas Obscura (online)

  • August 2015 – The Transportation Camp of Papillon  (French Guiana) – view article
  • December 2014 – Lajedo de Pai Mateus (Brazil) – view article
  • September 2014 – Caverna da Torrinha (Brazil) – view article

Writing & Photography for Paste Magazine Travel (online)

  • January 2017 – 7 Reasons to Visit Colombia in 2017 – view article

Writing & Photography for Inside Himalayas (online)

Since January 2017. Our last three contributions are:

  • August 2017 – Reaching the End of the World in Sikkimview article
  • May 2017 – FAQs about traveling in the mountains of Pakistan – view article
  • April 2017 – 5 Must-do Experiences in the Pakistan Himalayas – view article

Writing & Photography for Go Nomad (online)

Since 2014 we have contributed with destination pieces. The last three are:

  • December 2016 – The DMZ without a guide (South Korea) – view article
  • October 2015 – Hiking the Amazon Forest of La Selva Jungle Lodge (Ecuador) – view article
  • January 2015 – Sky Biking in the Cloud Forest of the Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador – view article

Writing & Photography for Matador Network (online)

Since 2011, we have contributed with destination stories and photos, some of which have been translated and republished on and The last three are:

  • July 2015 – Camping in Argentina’s remote wildernessview article
  • June 2015 – 9 Eye-popping mountain passes in South Americaview article
  • February 2015 – 13 Places in South America where you’ll be dwarfed by natureview article

Writing & Photography for Buckettripper (online)

From 2012 - 2014 we have contributed with more than 80 destination and food pieces. The last three are:

  • November 2014 – Sharing Breakfast with Darwins’ Finches on the Galápagos Islandsview article
  • November 2014 – What to Buy in Ecuador: Shopping for Artisanal Souvenirs in Quitoview article
  • October 2014 – Snorkeling with Sharks at the Galápagos Islands, Ecuadorview article

Our travel stories were also published in: Porthole Cruise Magazine (United States), Mariner Magazine (United States), and on: Suite 101, Trazzler, Indie Travel Podcast, and De Volkskrant travel blog (The Netherlands).


Writing & Photography for The Latin Kitchen (online)

Since 2014 we have contributed more than 70 stories and photo galleries. Among the last three are:

  • August 2017 – Meet the Makers of the Best Ice Cream in Peru – view article
  • March 2017 – Take a Food Tour of Bolivia’s Annual Urkupiña Festivalview article
  • February 2017 – What is Peruvian Rock Saltview article

Writing & Photography for New Worlder (online)

  • June 2016 – Coffee culture; Brazil’s cafezinhoview article

Writing & Photography for Paste Magazine Food (online)

From 2016 - 2017 we contributed with six stories/photo essays. The last three are:

  • July 2017 – Meet Michi no Ekis, Japan's Road Stations – view article
  • May 2017 – 6 Conveniently Delicious snacks for your Japanese road trips – view article
  • February 2017 – For anosmics: cooking and tasting offer daily challengesview article

Writing & Photography for Eat Your World (online)

  • June 2016 – Finding Local Food in a Korean Home – view article


The Write Life (online)

  • May 2016 – Enjoying Life on the Road? 7 Ways to Do More Travel Writingview article

Bevrijde Wereld (NGO Belgium)

Six articles and 500 photos detailing the work and working environment in agricultural communities supported by NGO Bevrijde Wereld

  • Example: Wij die onze eigen fabriek beherenview article 

MacFan (the Netherlands)

  • Our experiences with a PowerBook

(updated: October 2017)

Portfolio: Photography

Great Hiking Trails of the World: 80 Trails, 75,000 Miles, 38 Countries, 6 Continents by Karen Berger (2017)

Featured: 8 photos of the Fitz Roy Region in Argentina and the Baekdu Daegan Mountain Ridge in South Korea.

International Photo Festival in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (October 2017)

Theme: '100 Wonders of the World'

Featured: 1 photo of the Death Road in Bolivia.

Steve Huff Photo (August 2016)

Featured for the Daily Inspiration series: The Baekdu Daegan (South Korea) – view photos.

Pro Motor (ANWB motorcycle magazine in the Netherlands, June 2015)

Featured: Photos of a custom-made BMW R1100GS with sidecar.

Laguna Verde by Juan Cristóbal Quiroga (2011)

Featured: 4 photos of Laguna Verde and Laguna Colorada.

Photos for Bevrijde Wereld (a Belgium NGO working with local, agricultural NGOs throughout the world)

Assignment: 500 photographs of agricultural activities in six rural communities supported by Bevrijde Wereld, to be used for brochures, marketing purposes, and expositions.

Photo exposition in Córdoba, Argentina (2009)

Exclusive photo exposition of Landcruising Adventure. 

Newspaper The Observer (2011)

Featured: A portrait of Ricardo Semler as part of an interview.

SteveHuffphoto (September 2011)

Featured for the Daily Inspiration series: Gamesview photo.

(updated: October 2017)

Guestblogs & Collaboration Articles

Lauren Pauwell (August 2017)

Tips For Venturing Off The Beaten Pathview article

Travel Jaunts (July 2017)

Travel Tips and Favorite Destination – view article

Divergent Travelers (December 2016)

34 Amazing South America Experiencesview article

Asia Cruise News (December 2016)

20 Best Small Towns in the Americas You’ve Never Heard Ofview article

Miss Tam Chiak (July 2016)

Travel Bloggers revealed their last dish they’d like to haveview article

The Roaming Renegades (March 2016)

Best Vegetarian Dishes around the Worldview article

Solitary Wanderer (March 2015)

Exploring the Galápagosview article

A Luxury Travel Blog (December 2014)

Photo of the Week

My Travel Affairs (October 2014)

Language Barrier in Pakistan view article

The Holidaze (April 2014)

How Long-term Travel Changes People Foreverview article

Expedition Portal (May 2014)

Financing Extended Overland Trips: How Do They Do It – view article

BootsnAll (April 2014)

A Dozen Reasons Why – view article

Vagablogging (April 2014)

Road Tripping Brazil: Traveling down the Transamazônica – view article

Treepot Travels (April 2014)

Top Hikes from Around the World; Chutes de Voltaire (French Guiana)

Global Help Swap (April 2014)

Visiting an Awarak Community in Guyanaview article

Wanderlusters (April 2014)

Travel Mémoir; Camping in Quito

A Luxury Travel Blog (April 2014)

Photo of the Week

Treepot Travels (April 2014)

Wildlife Encounters From Around The World; Sloth (French Guiana)

Travel Photo Discovery (April 2014) 

Celebrating National Parks around the world (Earth Day's series) – view photos

(updated: October 2017)

Media Coverage

(updated: October 2017)