Admiring Wildlife on Hokkaido, in Winter (Where Are We – Japan 7)


A (short) visit to a couple of snow festivals on Hokkaido extended into, surprise, surprise, a much longer stay. While we went to Hokkaido for its snow festivals, our highlight was watching wildlife.

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We regularly spotted red foxes and finally managed to capture one or two on camera, we drove among throngs of deer and watched how the once almost extinct crane birds now have a safe winter habitat in Kusshiro, where they are fed throughout the winter.

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Almost six weeks later we’re finally ready to leave this beautiful island, and with that Hokkaido’s winter with freezing temps and packs of snow. Cherry trees, while you are getting ready to blossom and display the most beautiful of you, we’ll drive south to meet you and to make sure we get to see the best of you!

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10 thoughts on “Admiring Wildlife on Hokkaido, in Winter (Where Are We – Japan 7)”

  1. My favorite place to view the cherry blossoms is of course Kyoto in general, but specifically Maruyama Park. There is a gorgeous giant cherry tree in the middle and many more all around with throngs of folks sitting underneath on tarps drinking and socializing. Lots of street food vendors and beer to be had. A magical place.

  2. I love your sensitive eye for Hokkaido cranes & animals in generals..swans foxes here are the leading characters. Also i didn t know how beautiful north japan can be.

  3. Nice! This is an amazing destination for animal lovers and adventure buffs. All the Photos are very spectacular and beautiful.

  4. Love this post. Would you be kind enuf to tell us where you saw the deer in the pictures above and also the swans & the Fox we are going in December to Hokkaido and would love to see all these animals so would be great to know where to go & photgraph them. Thanks so much

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