Wildlife & Nature

Wilderness Adventures – Where to Find Wildlife and Nature

One of the big advantages of traveling in your overland vehicle is being able to have wilderness adventures, meaning that you can drive and camp where public transportation doesn’t go.

Here are our tips on ultimate rough camps, fantastic road trips, dramatic mountain passes, where to find wildlife, and much more.

For tips on hiking and running, take a look here.


Where The Road Ends (Venezuela)

When studying the map of Venezuela my eye was constantly drawn to one particular corner: that of the Orinoco Delta. The drawback for an overlander: there are no roads or … Read more

Venezuela, First Impressions: Los Llanos

Staying with indigenous people, welcomed in a workshop, invited to visit hatos and being part of one of the country’s biggest festivals. Yes, we like Venezuela.

Overland travel on Chile's altiplano

The Altiplano of North Chile

Cruising the Altiplano of North Chile, which is characterized by llamas, vicuñas, ceremonial villages and colorful landscapes.