Wild Camping in Mongolia – Overlanders Share Their Favorite Campsites (Overland Expertise Pool)


Wild camping in Mongolia is not very difficult.

On the contrary, it’s super easy.

Vast, open, and empty, the country is pretty much one giant campsite and you can camp just about anywhere you fancy. So, I feel no need to write up our typical ‘Accommodation & Overland Camping’ blog post with the listing of places we stayed.

Instead we asked fellow overlander to share their favorite campsites. And so, here is a list with the best-of-the-best rough camps in Mongolia.

Let’s take a look at what camping spots in Mongolia our fellow overlanders enjoyed best.

1. Achit Nuur (on the Northern Route from Oglii)

Why: After being unable to cross the first big river caused by rains the previous days we were forced to find a new route and camped up in amongst the rocky outcrops. For Angela and me this was reminiscent of Wadi Rum in Jordan.

GPS Waypoint: 49.587372, 90.240646

Shared by: David and Angela. Follow Polaris Overland here.

Achit Nuur (©polaris-overland.com)

2. Chjargas Nuur

Why: After hundreds of kilometers of gravel, dust and dirt, this beach covered with white soft stones is a pure pleasure. It welcomes like a freshly made bed with white sheets in a 5-star hotel.

Driving Tip: Pass the Ger-Camp on the right side if you drive towards the end of the promontory (then also a Prius could drive there) For more adventure drive along the stone beach, better lower your tire pressure!

Special tip: If you have (and know how to use) a fishing rod, bring it! Then it’s BBQ-time.

GPS Waypoints: 49.148144, 93.657729

Shared by: Sven & Stefanie. Follow 100 Borders (100 Grenzen) here.

Inka standing guard at Chjargas Nuur (©100borders.org)

3. Mukhard Spring

Why: How often do you find a spring in the middle of the desert? We couldn’t park close to the spring because the sand was to deep and soft so we parked about 700 meters from the spring. Here we got company from herders with horses, as well as cows and sheep.

GPS Waypoint: 48.20776, 95.93026 

Shared by: Iris & Roland. Follow Love the World here.

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Mukhard Spring (©lovetheworld.nl)

4. Hilly Grasslands near Ulaanbaatar

Why: Many people associate Mongolia with grasslands, and this spot with nearly 360-degrees view will confirm that stereotype, but presents it in a breathtaking way. If you just stocked up on supplies in Ulaanbaatar, it is a great place to start your Mongolian adventure, as it is only a two-hour drive from here.

GPS Waypoint: 47.8556, 105.9618

Shared by: Ferenc & Evelin. Follow Overlandsite here.

Hilly grasslands (©overlandsite.com)

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5. Kerman Tsav

Why: This is a very impressive canyon with red stones and inside the canyon are sand dunes. This mix is awesome.

GPS Waypoint:  43.46902, 99.83543

Shared by: Didi & Heike

Kerman Tsav (©Didi & Heike)

6. Near Moron in the North

Why: To us, this spot defines Mongolia: A huge valley with mountains, a river, nomads and herds of yak.

GPS Waypoint: 49.596072, 99.508075

Shared by: Aymeric & Malo. Follow Les Troubadours des Temps Modernes here.

Near Moron (@Lestroubadoursdestempsmodernes)

7. The Khovsgol Lake

Why: It’s a quiet spot, with clear water, trees, and wildlife. But it’s only for 4WD because of the wetlands.

GPS Waypoint: 50.533639, 100.362611

Shared by: Tiphain & Nicolas. Follow Tantor des Passports here.

Khovsgol lake (@tantordespasseports)

8. Hillside near Numrug (on the middle route to Chjargas Nuur)

Why: The near Telmen Nuur is perhaps more picturesque but it had millions of mosquitos and is clearly visible from the main road. So we opted for the hillside and were rewarded with peace, a really nice view and, seldom found in the open fields of Mongolia, internet reception.

Accessible by motorbike and 4×4 (the route from Tosontsengel to Chjargas Nuur is not for regular 2WD campervans).

GPS Waypoint: 48.88517, 96.99306

Shared by: Birgit & Ralf. Follow Travel 2Wheels here.

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Hillside near Numrug (©travel2wheels.de)

9. The Flaming Cliffs in the Southern Gobi

Why: At sunset the cliffs glow orange and many dinosaur fossils and eggs have been found here. If we had had more time we would have happily spent a week here.

GPS Waypoint: 44.141651, 103.715462

Shared by: David and Angela. Follow Polaris Overland here.

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The Flaming Cliffs (©polaris-overland.com)

10.  The Khongoriin Els Sand Dunes

Why: Watch the sunlight paint the massive sand dunes of the Khongorrin Els and the rocky hills behind them in a million different colors. The camp spot is close enough for you to hike to the dunes and climb to the top for an amazing view.

GPS Waypoint: 43.7506, 102.3722

Shared by: Ferenc & Evelin. Follow Overlandsite here.

Khongoriin Els (©Overlandsite.com)

11. The Tuul River (not too far from the Chinggis Khaan Statue)

Why: We loved it because it was right at the bank of the Tuul river with amazing scenery. The mountain range in the far distance while sitting around a campfire is the perfect Mongolian experience. And, waking up in the morning and being surrounded by herds of sheep, goats, yaks and horses turns the camp into a magical place.

GPS Waypoint: 47.839688, 107.546853

Shared by: Reni & Marcel. Follow the Swiss Nomads here.

Tuul River (©Swiss Nomads)

12. Khar Lake Sand Dunes

Why: A peaceful spot and getting here was a beautiful drive in itself. The sand was soft and nice to play with for the kids. The dunes were very doable to climb and from there we had a stunning view.

GPS Waypoint: 48.330555, 96.046669

Shared by: Iris & Roland. Follow Love the World here.

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Khar Lake (©lovetheworld.nl)

13. Khovsgol Lake

Why: Because it was such a beautiful spot so we enjoyed wild camping here for two nights (a ranger did come and ask for our papers, so it wasn’t entirely clear if this spot was allowed, but there are more beautiful places in the nearby surroundings).

GPS Waypoint: 50.74592, 100.24088

Shared by: Loes & Harm. Follow Six Wheels East here.

Khovsgol Lake (©Six Wheels East)

14. The Valley of the Amarbayagalant Monastery

Why: The monastery is stunningly situated at the far end of a valley, about 35 kilometers north from the asphalted road. This GPS Waypoint is right next to the monastery where we stayed because there was a festival at the monastery, but wild camping anywhere in these surroundings along one of the many streams is mind-blowing. Go for a walk on the hill behind the monastery for a great view of the valley.

GPS Waypoint: 49.476696, 105.08732

Shared by: Karin-Marijke & Coen. Follow us on Instagram.

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Valley of the Amarbayasgalant Monastery (©Coen Wubbels)
Valley of the Amarbayasgalant Monastery (©Coen Wubbels)

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Tips, Suggestions, Contribute?

Questions? Fire away in the comment section below. Would you like to see your favorite overland camp added to this list? Let us know!

Update: A similar overview is now published on overlanders’ favorite wild camps in Kyrgyzstan!

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