Starting our Landcruising Adventure in the Far East (Where Are We – South Korea 1)


Our first sight of South Korea: yellow and white lights, as strings or in clusters, flickering in a pitch-dark night. We got a lesson in geography: You don’t fly to Seoul but rather to the neighboring city of Incheon, or to be precise: on an artificially created island in front of the coast.

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Incheon Airport, South Korea (©photocoen)

While the airport may be one of the top 10 in the world, we’ve never stood in line longer than here to get our passports stamped. This, however, was not because there were no officials working (as we’ve experienced in the States and in London).
On the contrary, there were at least 20 of them stamping away and the lines moved constantly, kind of like standing in line at Disney World. Our host told us it is mostly a result of a quickly rising number of Chinese people who are visiting Korea.

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Paperwork in South Korea (©photocoen)

Fun fact that proves we’re no longer in South America: Women in line all wore sneakers, or at least 90%. The rest wore shoes with flat soles. No plateau sole or stiletto heel to be seen! 🙂

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Our plans:

We’ll be here for a couple of days, spending time with Jin and his wife (whom we haven’t met yet) and hopefully do some sightseeing in Seoul. Around March 30/31 we’ll be heading to Busan so we have a couple of days to prepare before our car arrives at the port on April 2 (fingers crossed!). We’re still looking for a place to stay in Busan. Can you help us? We’d be grateful!

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