Windshield Views From Asia


An impression of what passed in front of our windshield during our overland journey from the Netherlands to Vietnam.

Windshield Views From Iran & Pakistan

A glacier blocking the road on the Karakorum Highway in Pakistan.
On a Hunt for produce we get stuck in the madness of a market in Pakistan.
Skillfully constructed road through the Kaghan Valley in Pakistan.

Windshield Views From India

Stuck in traffic among lunatic drivers in India.
Cows go everywhere, India.
Some northeastern states in India were closed, others we could only drive in convoy and with military escort.

Windshield Views From Thailand

This friendly fellow suddenly jumped on the hood, in a national park in Thailand.
Spotting self-constructed vehicles in Thailand.
Face to face with planet’s largest living land animal on a road in Thailand.
Thailand: We don’t mind the flooding were it not for absent sewer caps (probably sold when metal prices are favorable).
Honking our horn is useless [Thailand].
Hundreds of neatly dressed locals welcome us along the side of the road, Thailand.

Windshield Views From Cambodia & Laos

The start of our Ho Chi Min Trail Adventure: crossing this partly collapsed bridge. The framework was so wide, the tires would slide in between them. Luckily six pieces of boards were left to secure the crossing [Laos].
Karin-Marijke is guiding me up this steep hill with a deeply rutted trail in Laos.
Conquering a slush-mud road in Cambodia.
One of the many bridges during our South East Asian leg of the trip [Cambodia].
Red-clay, sticky tracks in Cambodia.
Leaving the trail is a no-go due to an estimated 2 million hidden landmines in the country [Cambodia].

Windshield Views From Vietnam

Our (mandatory) printed temporary license plate attached with a rubber ban to the sun visor in Vietnam.
Large number of motorized two-wheelers whizzing by in Vietnam.

The Halong Bay ferry sails with its ramp hovering right above the water surface [Vietnam].
Phat Diem gets flooded within an hour of a torrential downpour [Vietnam].
Did you enjoy this Windshield-View episode? Here is another one on Russia’s Far East.

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