The Workshop Iguana 4×4 – Artistic Details (Bógota, Colombia)


So, once again, I find myself in a workshop. Not the first time as you might know (e.g. read about it here, here, and here). But this time it is a bit different. Karin-Marijke took a flight home and temporally ‘abandoned’ me in Bogotá; I opted to stay in Colombia.

There is always a growing list of things that need to be done, but for which time and/or place are missing. Now that she is in the Netherlands I’m crossing a lot small items off my list.

Travel Guides for Colombia

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Insight Guides – Colombia

Bradt Travel Guides – Colombia

Lonely Planet Travel Guide – Colombia

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The workshop
The hidden radio

I had plenty of time on my hands in Iguana 4×4’s workshop, and as I walked around the workshop I took photos of details that captured my eye.

So here it is, my artist impression of the workshop.

Recommended Books on Overlanding

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Man in the Saddle – Paul van Hooff

I Can I Will, Women overlanding the World

Overlanding the Americas – Graeme Belle

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Tire close up
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Opaque headlights
Coolant fluids

Practical Information

  • Iguana 4×4 Bogotá
  • Calle 128C # 47 – 43
  • Bogotá, Colombia
  • Phone +57 310 5658369
  • website

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