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Dates don’t really stick with me so I dug into my mail system to retrieve a particular email from a great fan of ours to recall when it all started: our Landcruising Adventure T-shirts.


I would love to send out a couple of t-shirts to you all. Love your site. Check them out an let me know. We have 5 Land Cruiser t-shirts so far with more coming in the future.

Cheers -Tim


The Sackwear-Designed T-shirts

I remember discussing with Karin-Marijk why somebody we didn’t know would want to send us T-shirts. It boggled our minds but, of course, we were flattered.

What a way to show your support!

The next question was logistics. Being on the road 24/7 comes with limitations and we needed a contact address to have them shipped to, which took a bit of time to figure out. If I remember correctly, Tim shipped the shirts to my mother in the Netherlands.

Thus a year had passed when, finally, we had a chance to show off our SackWear T-shirts. We shot some images and sent them to Tim with a note:

Heya Tim,

We just survived some days of extreme sandy roads in the Pantanal. A big marshland that, now the driest moment, can be traversed when brave and stupid enough like us. I shot a nice picture with your t-shirts. Soon I will put it on our homepage…

Adventurous greetings, Coen

Almost instantly Tim shot back an answer showing gratitude and a promise for more T-shirts.

Hi Coen,

Wow, thanks for the pictures. Also, thank you for the postcard set you all sent. Very cool. I would love to send out the two new shirts we have. Do you have an address I can mail them to? I attached the two new shirts. Let me know if you would like them.

Cheers –Tim

Fast forward to today. We are still enjoying those very nice, quality SackWear shirts. After three years of extensive wear, the shirt had been “upgraded” tool-time shirts.

Whenever the Land Cruiser gets to see a mechanic, I sport my first SackWear shirt, which is received with smiles in all workshops.

Hey Coen.

Right on. Glad you got’ em. Sounds like a fun time you have planned. No problem on the t-shirts. We are getting some great exposure with you guys wearing the t-shirts. Thanks so much for that.

Cheers –Tim

Landcruising Adventure T-shirts

Somewhere in 2012 Tim added a note to an email about designing a Landcruising Adventure T-shirt especially for us, featuring our Troopie. How cool is that!

I emailed him a couple of images that I thought would suit such a design and a few weeks later he sent me a first draft of the drawing, which left me speechless. Really a job well done.

As a graphic designer, I know how hard it is to go from image to solid-line illustration. This one looked so clean; 95% of the design was spot on. We did some little tweaking of the fonts and we were ready to go with our first Landcruising Adventure T-shirt – we had no clue this was the beginning of a whole series and our own T-shirt Shop!

Thanks Zigzag, for sending this pic with our “in Japan” T-shirt!

The ball was in my court about finding a way to print and distribute the SackWear Landcruising Adventure T-shirts. Normally you buy high-class T-shirts, find a silkscreen printer and the job gets done.

However, it’s impossible to store 200 T-shirts in our Land Cruiser and send them all over the world from obscure post offices in far-flung destinations.

So, here it is our shop, where you find our T-shirts (and other goodies!) in all kinds of colors and nifty designs.

If you have a request concerning color or cut, let me know in the comment section below or shoot me an email!

Landcruising Adventure T-shirts

Originally published in 2012 / Updated in October 2017

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  1. Hey Coen,
    Thanks for the big call out in your post. I really appreciate it.
    I always like seeing the photos of you guys wearing the shirts.
    You guys are living the dream. Looking forward to more stories.

    Cheers -Tim


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