Street Art in Tbilisi (Georgia)


We thoroughly enjoyed Georgia’s capital, in particular the old town. It’s a city that invites to be explored on foot. And one of the best things was all the street art in Tbilisi. Not just in the old part of town, but also in surrounding neighborhoods.

I came across a website with a great blog post about street art in Tbilisi. It includes a link to Google Maps with the street-art locations as well as explanations about the artists (link below). This was a great start, and when strolling the streets we saw many more beautiful murals. Not all is awe inspiring and, unfortunately, there is a fair share of graffiti uglifying the city.

These photos will give an impression of the beautiful murals. Enjoy!

Street Art in Tbilisi – Fabrika Hostel

A good place to start downtown is the hostel Fabrika, in the old town. An old factory has been transformed to a hostel, a place to get some tourist information, at the back outdoor and indoor cafés, one with a wall full of board games. This huge building was sort of a starting point for the street art scene and all its walls are covered with colorful murals.

Fabrika hostel, Tbilisi, Georgia (©Coen Wubbels)
Fabrika hostel

Street Art in Tbilisi – East Side of the River

Street Art in Tbilisi – West Side of the River

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Street Art in Tbilisi – Varketili District


To get started with a map with 45 amazing examples of street art Tbilisi, check out this blogpost on Red Fedora Diary.

GPS Waypoint of hostel Fabrika: 41.709799, 44.802864

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Explore Georgia (©Oun Travela)

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