Getting the Land Cruiser out of Busan Port (Where Are We – South Korea 2)


Yes, we got our home on wheels back. Better: we have our life back! After 60 days of wandering between Suriname, Miami, the Netherlands, and the Philippines, feeling welcome in many homes yet utterly homeless, we are relieved and excited at the same time.

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Obviously a full post will follow on this ‘adventure’.

After an initially serious setback (“getting the car out of the container will cost you $2,000…”), we managed to get our home back thanks to a lot of fantastic help. Thank you so much, Jin and Suna, Wendy Choi, customs officers at the Vehicle Import Department, Young at the BNCT, as well as fellow overlander Ulf Fuchslueger for answering my never ending list with questions.

On that note, we’re off! We have arrived in Korea as spring was about to burst and Busan is now at its heydays with Korean (and Japan’s) famous cherry blossom. Lots of hiking and exploring to do. Talk to you later!

And, of course, if there are Koreans, or foreigners living in Korea, interesting in meeting us, let us know.

We’d love to meet you and practice our Korean with you. While I can read and write the Korean alphabet (niftiest in the world, I think) I now have to learn what those words actually mean 🙂

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Fuel Up

Thank you to those who bought us a couple of liters of diesel to support our journey and/or website.

Would you like to do the same?

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  1. Please post much more photos…I live in Brazil and now I am a dedicated follower of your adventure.

  2. Be carefull with your money this is an expensive country.America sacked a general in the korean war as there is not much to offer and please write an article on the korean border with n korea a nuclear armed nation.


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