South America

Overland Travel in South America

With 13 countries connected through dozens of borders that require no difficult or expensive nor extensive paperwork for your overland vehicle, overland travel in South America is attractive.

Drive across the vast plains of Patagonia, watch wildlife along Argentina’s shore and hike in Chile’s marvelous Andean Mountains. Take a road trip to the lesser visited Paraguay and Uruguay.

Take your overland vehicle across the Andean Mountains of Bolivia, Peru, EcuadorColombia, and Venezuela, following the much-traveled Pan-American Highway.

The (north)eastern side of South America calls for overland adventure at its best: the beaches and Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, and the tucked-away but fascinating and beautiful countries of French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana along South America’s northern shore.

Overland Reunion in Venezuela

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New Year’s Eve in Ecuador

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FlexCooking in Peru

Flexcooking in Peru: new equipment, cooking at different altitudes and experimenting with Peruvian food.