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Books! Where would we be without them?!

Books have been our faithful companions as we journeyed through the world. Here we share the ones we read about overlanding and other adventurous undertakings, guidebooks we particularly enjoyed or found useful, as well as also books that help(ed) me understand the country/region we were/are traveling in.

New on the list (April 2018)

Revolutionary Ride; On the Road in Search of the Real Iran (Travel Memoir), by Lois Pryce. A balanced book that shows the side of Iran we hear little (or nothing) about, which is not to say that Lois isn’t facing any challenges as a woman traveling solo on a motorcycle.

Alaska (Novel), by James  A. Michener. This historical saga about Alaska includes history of the colonization of Russia’s Far East by the Russian Empire.

Books about Suriname

In English:

The Cost of Sugar (Novel), by Cynthia McLeod (also available in Dutch: Hoe Duur is de Suiker)

The Free Negress Elizabeth (Novel), by Cynthia McLeod (also available in Dutch: De Vrije Negerin Elizabeth)

In Dutch:

Sonny Boy (Non-fiction), door Annejet van der Zijl

Wij slaven van Suriname (Non fiction), door Anton de Kom

De Koningin van Paramaribo (Novel), door Clark Accoord

Kapotte Plantage (Non fiction), door John Jansen van Galen

Book Suggestions?

With the next phase of our journey going through Russia, Mongolia and the Stans, I am looking for travel memoirs / non-fiction / (historical) novels about those countries & cultures. Do you have recommendations for our book list? Let us know in the comments. Thanks!


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  1. Great to read of your travels far and beyond as shared on your easy to navigate website. We have in recent years self-published a book of our journey in our Series 3 LWB Land Rover camper, 40,000 miles through 29 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia in 1977 – a mere trifle of a journey compared to your mega trips. However following our travels we did return to Mali West Africa where we worked for 14 years and brought up our family of 4 children with many overland trips as part of our daily activities. We are excited now to be promoting our book called “Strangers like Angels – with a devil or two to boot”.
    Wishing you safe travels, Greetings from Alec & Jan Forman.

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