Road Travel

Road Travel – Where to Go and What to See on your Overland Trips

Camp along Lake Baikal, meet the Mennonites in Paraguay, traverse the Pantanal in Brazil to watch wildlife, drive the Pan-American Highway (why?), visit the Demilitarized Zone in South Korea (but the overlanders’ way), rough camp on high altitude in Chile, cross Peru’s mountain passes, and overland in winter in Siberia.

There is so much to see and do, enjoy the stories and add your favorites to your overland bucket list!

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Travel overland in French Guiana; smooth asphalt

Back to Europe?

Europe in South America: French Guiana. It has the euro and lots of good wine and cheese. It’s also on a major drug trafficking route – how safe is it?

Overland travel on Chile's altiplano

The Altiplano of North Chile

Cruising the Altiplano of North Chile, which is characterized by llamas, vicuñas, ceremonial villages and colorful landscapes.