A DIY Paper Cruiser – Print, Cut, Glue, et Voilà!


Let me explain how we ended up with one of the coolest paper crafts I ever played with: a DIY Paper Cruiser.

Before you read any further, note that the Paper Cruiser is exclusively and instantly available for our Patrons.

My next Paper model is going to be a Land Cruiser Troopy

I can’t remember exactly where I read those lines. Must have been on Twitter, I guess.

I started to investigate and got in touch with the man behind the Paper Cruisers: Jesse. He had been working on a long-wheel-based Land Cruiser so I sent him some or our images to help him get more details on his paper model.

Landcruising Adventure Shop - Paper Cruiser (©photocoen)

Got Stuck? Make Another!

A few days later I received an email with a construction kit for a Land Cruiser BJ45. Accompanying the file was a note:

Hey – Have fun with this. It’s very easy to construct paper roof racks, bumpers and things out of strips of black paper. If you get stuck, make another. The trickiest part are the front fenders. Print on heavy paper.

Send me a picture 🙂

Jesse Smith

DIY Landcruising Adventure Paper Cruiser

As soon as I had the model printed and started cutting the lines, my creative brain geared up. I was having so much fun scoring the fold lines that I felt like a little kid again.

If I was enjoying building this model, then why shouldn’t our friends and fans enjoy building one?

Better yet, why not let them build a replica of our own Expedition Land Cruiser! I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted on there and started designing add-on items that characterize our BJ45.

DIY Landcruising Adventure Paper Cruiser

A few days of printing, cutting and gluing passed and our own paper model was in beta phase. A little wobbly on its feet, but there it was. I shot some images and sent them to Jesse as requested.

He responded,

I love the photos and I like the addition of the jack mounted to the side. Very good work on that.

This then sparked various emails back and forth with images, ideas and improvements. However, I soon realized that my skills faded in comparison with the Paper Cruiser man and I was going to need a lot of hours to get where we wanted, so we made a deal that he would complete the model and I would compensate him for it.

This way we all benefitted from it: generating some income for Jesse and I would get a high-quality Paper Cruiser.

Landcruising Adventure Paper Cruiser 2.0

When Jesse sent in his first batch of modifications I was impressed. Such elegant and simple solutions for things I had envisioned much more complex. Sure enough, our man had a long-standing tradition building paper models and he knew what he was talking about when he wrote, “Coen, we can’t do that, that’s too complex.”

The second sheet for all the goodies and extra items that our Troopy carries was added to the package. We made a huge step forward, adding 3D wheels to give the Paper Cruiser a better look but also to prevent the model from sagging too much.

Now our Landcruising Adventure Expedition Paper Cruiser is ready to take on the world. Wouldn’t it be great if you could build one too?

Well, you can!

It is be part of our Patreon content. What that is? Find out here and join us in this new adventure. We’d love to have you on board!

Tips & Tricks?

Below I collected some tips and instructional videos from Paper Cruiser’s website.

Did you know Paper Cruiser has recently made some free paper rock models that would suit the Landcruising Adventure Paper Cruiser perfectly. Get them here and be sure to check out the other free models as well.

General instructions for building a Paper Cruiser:

  1. Print on heavy (card stock) paper.
  2. Cut out parts. Use a hobby knife and cutting mat (or another hard surface) for the small parts.
  3. Score all fold lines, pre-fold all folds before gluing.
  4. Use common white glue, spread thinly, and pinch until it sticks.
  5. Start at the back, begin to glue the tabs.
  6. When the body is complete, build chassis (if applicable) and glue to the bottom of the body. Use alignment arrows.
  7. Make fenders and wheels. Attach to body.
  8. Cut out and build bumpers. Attach bumpers.
  9. Cut out and attach the remainder of the small parts.
  10. With a matching-color marker, color the fold and cut lines for better appearance.

How to build the Toyota BJ45 Troopy Land Cruiser paper model

How to cut out small parts demo: using a hobby knife instead of scissors.

How to make a 3D wheel: cutting, scoring, folding, bending, and gluing:

Thank you very much, I will build it for sure. This summer I am thinking about to make my first smaller expedition on my Toyota 4Runner (or Hilux Surf). Enjoy your drive on the nicest car in the world :)! ~Miso, Slovakia

(Originally published in 2012 / Updated in 2019)

Where do I get this awesome Paper Cruiser?

The Paper Cruiser is exclusively and instantly available for our Patrons.

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23 thoughts on “A DIY Paper Cruiser – Print, Cut, Glue, et Voilà!”

  1. Hoi Coen. Even een snelle reaktie. Het is Glue met een G en niet met een C. (meerdere keren op deze pagina).
    Ziet er verder gelikt uit. Ik ga snel verder lezen.

    Ruud in Costa Rica

    PS. Ik heb JP en Hanny ontmoet vorige maand in ons dorp. Hele leuke mensen.

  2. fantastic idea to get your fans involved a little more. Very good job on the unique look (and the website looks nice too)

    I just finished a round of South America in a Mercedes DB207 – but reading your posts I get motivated to do another (more offroad-oriented) tour one day

    greetings from Belgium

  3. I’ve has Jesse make 2 custom models for me. The MAXTRAX FJ Cruiser and MAXTRAX Land Cruiser 105. I recomed him to every one I can and hope he makes one if the Rally Fighter next.


    Enjoy reading your e-mails.


  4. Seeing your car going through all its phases as you travel and enjoy the world has inspired me to restore and set up my own fj45 troop carrier to travel around Australia with my family.

    Hopefully one day you make it to this beautiful country I live in and run into each other on the trails.

  5. Great idea!

    These paper models are perfect for those of us who can only dream of these adventures! I know I’ll never be able to load-up a Cruiser and travel the back roads. The best I can do is sit at my desk and enjoy the adventures that other people are willing to share. This little Cruiser will may never get me out in the wild, but at least I can say I own one!

    Thanks for sharing…Erik

  6. Sou de Sao Paulo Capital, queria saber se os mesmos vem a este estado?, pois gostaria de tirar umas fotos com Voçes, sou apaixonado por Toyotas Banderantes (Land Cruisers)
    73 de Augusto

  7. Hello there, Landcruisers 🙂
    this webpage is inspiring me. just 2 weeks ago i have bought another toyota (4runner) and i am thinking about to make a “bit” shorter trip with it. well, it is not so cool as the nicest car in the world, (the second is HZJ78), but … its mine and i love it too 🙂

    i am collecting the land cruiser paper models, love to have one of this!

    all the best… and spin the wheels!

    • That looks great! I’ve enjoyed building the papercruiser myself, but I see here that you are clearly a professional and perfectionist. I especially like the setting you have made with the rocks and dogs.

    • Heya Ranbin, I’m sorry that we hid the link a bit. I now revised the post and made sure to include a big button where you can find the Paper Cruiser. Become our Patron [which you can be for just the price of a cup of coffee] and get free access to the Paper Cruiser, early access to all our drone clips and much more.
      Let us know how your building process went 😉

    • No worries, I can set you up with a MediaFire link if you are willing to donate a small amount on our donation page 😉

  8. My color printer even has 12% chance to get cardstock paper in. It has 89% chance can’t getting it in. So I even pushed the paper then it works. (some printers has 100% chance to get the cardstock in.)

    • Heya John, I coulnd’t find you among our Patron’s (maybe you registered under a different name). But anyway, you can find the papercruiser via this link. We hope you enjoy your build. Let us know how you liked building it and maybe send us a photo.

      Thank you for being a Patron!
      Adventurous greetings,


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