A Photo Exposition in Córdoba, Argentina


We enter Sepia Photocafe in the hope to, at last, have found a place with decent Internet or WiFi to check up on our digital correspondence. It’s an inviting looking place: behind the counter where customers go with their photo or other design requests there are a couple of small tables, a coffee counter and in the back we look out onto a green garden. Along the wall hang enlarged photos of all kinds of religious places in South America.

The connection works and in no time emails take us to the world of our friends of our families until it’s time for a cup of coffee. At the counter sits a man with an inquiring look.

“Is that your car outside? Where are you from?”

We exchange pleasantries and Octavio, as the man introduces himself, moves over to our table. He orders more coffee.

“Why don’t I organize an exposition for you? Every once in a while I do that when I come across something interesting. Like the images you see there on the wall? They were used for an exposition.”

We look at him surprised. A photo exposition?

“Yes, I’m the owner of this place. But your story is bigger than anything else I’ve come across. This place is too small. I will contact a shopping mall and we’ll do it there. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for everything. I just like to do this. What do you think?”

We have fallen silent. We think about it all right, but also about a visa running out, and a ticket to the Netherlands for our annual visit home. How are we going to organize this? We share our enthusiasm with Octavio for the idea, but also tell him the obstacles.

However, this is Argentina. Here things don’t happen overnight. We needn’t have worried.

“All the better. Let’s select images in the days to come, then you go to the Netherlands and when you return next month, all will be ready.”

And a couple of weeks later, there it is: our first photo exposition.

Sepia fotocafé organized it all: the exposition with enlarged images that were professionally framed and set up in one of Córdoba’s shopping malls, where it would stay throughout the summer. At the opening we toast with a glass of wine and some snacks on the splendid result.

Are you interested in our exposition? Please let us know so we can discuss the possibilities.

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