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This post is long overdue but still, we’d like to share with you some impressions from our Overland Reunion 2014 that we organized last May, just like we did last year. The reunion has grown into a tradition and each year we have welcomed more past, present, and future overlanders – this year we topped 70 visitors.

Our first reunion, years ago, was with five Dutch couples whom we had met during our Asia journey. It has been a couple of years since all of us could come to the reunion. This year everybody except one was present, so for us it was a get-together with remembering a lot of our first adventures with fellow Asia overlanders from the years 2003-2005.

While I was busy chatting with old friends and making new ones, Coen shared his interest in gadgets and nifty solutions in overland vehicles with kindred spirits.

We’ve tried our own systems to keep the storage lids closed on off roads but haven’t found one yet – or maybe we just did. Mathon’s looks perfect, however, it might create another dust problem.
I can really appreciate these kind of nifty ways to use all the space available.
Merten, who has been at the reunion several time, showed Coen his latest gear addition: an Austialian water pump easily fitted with a hose on the inside of the Scepter can.
Peter’s lovely shirt has an even cooler backside.

Others decided that the Overland Reunion was the perfect time and place to try out their newly build overland vehicle.

Coen and I found ourselves studying the vehicle in the photo below, as one of your future projects indeed may be transforming the Land Cruiser into one with a pop-up tent. We like our vehicle as it is now and love our rooftop-tent (read about it here and here), but there is a beginning itch of wanting to be able to stand up in the car, especially when having bad weather for a longer period of time and you spend so much time indoors.

(Edited to add: we meanwhile have remodeled the Land Cruiser, see here and here).

New and looking beautiful.
Andre’s Mercedes van has a nifty kitchen that can be used inside as well as outside.
We like Rob’s solution for storing and using the Coleman stove.

We had Belgians visiting us before, like Anja and Ben, who this year decided it was going to be nice weather and fancied a drive to the woods and swung by unannounced. This year was a first to have Germans and British among our midst: Michael and Juliane Stahl with their kids and Ian King and Barry O’Connor. Fantastic. We hope to welcome more international overlanders in the future!

For the second time we met up with Dennis, who brought some nice upgrades for the Land Cruiser.
When we met Tobias in Turkey, he was 3; now he takes charge of starting the BBQ.
Wilma and Marcel with their Iveco from Waggel Adventures.
Panda, the 6×6 Volvo TGB 1314 of Michel and Erica – Dutchies go Global.

Like I said, it was great catching up with friends we met on the road, like Marianne and Henk whom we met 10 years ago but have been seeing at this reunion several times, but also overlanders we only know from past reunions, like Har and Mar, or to finally meet overlanders with whom we’ve been in touch for such a long period of time but with whom our roads thus far had never crossed, like Waggel Adventures, Truck Travel and Dutchies go Global. 

The famous Hepco & Becker panniers.
Finally we eet up with the troopy from expeditiealdershof.nl and met Peter, the new owner.
Each car has its own characteristics.
Arend and Akkie brought their new truck with a nifty inside parking for their motorcycle.

It was great to meet Bastiaan, of Hella Lights. We have been in touch with him for years and throughout that time he has outfitted the Land Cruiser with indoor and outdoor lighting (which we wrote about here). Dennis, of 4×4 Service Valkenburg, drove from the south of the Netherlands to join us for the event and hand Coen a set of new rear lights and front indicators. Thanks, guys! Your contributions are making our vehicle better each year.

Variety was there, as usual. Manon Ossevoort didn’t have time to drive here on her tractor like last year (read about her tractor trip to the Antarctica here) but did have time to spend the night, together with her recently born daughter Hannah. Others came on their overland motorcycles and apart from the Land Rovers, Land Cruisers and Westfalias there was a variety of bigger rigs.

Thank you all for joining us this year, showing your rigs, your latest gadgets, inventions, creative solutions. Rigs appear to get fancier as years go by, that’s for sure, but don’t let that discourage people from starting their own journey because their budget is low. We started out with a rusted Land Cruiser that we bought for €5000, hardly worked on and simply left, which you can read about herehere, and here.

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