Overland & Land Cruiser T-shirts – What’s New?


As it is impossible to carry large numbers of Overland & Land Cruiser T-shirts, other clothing and goodies with us in the Land Cruiser, we have long outsourced the practical side of our Landcruising Adventure merchandise to Redbubble.

Big as the online shop is, Redbubble can be quite a maze and not evident to navigate for the first-time visitor. Thus we created our own shop on this website with overviews of all we offer.

The Landcruising Adventure T-shirt Shop – How Does it Work?

The T-shirts come in 15 designs

Our Overland & Land Cruiser T-shirts come in all kinds of styles. From Short to Long sleeve and 3/4th sleeve (baseball), from Scoop to V-neck, and from Lon to Slim-fit and Relaxed-fit, you will find it all.

Once you know which T-shirt & design you want, click on the image. This will take you to the relevant Redbubble page where you can check out that T-shirt in different colors, decide on the size, back-or-front print, and order directly.

Overland & Land Cruiser T-shirts – Our Designers

Coen is the designer of most of our merchandise with two notable exceptions:

Sackwear Designs

Sackwear, in fact, was the first to design a Landcruising Adventure T-shirt for us, which started the whole idea of our online shop.

The classic, Every Mile Tells a Story T-shirt has become our iconic image and is to date the most popular Land Cruiser T-shirt.

Classic Every Mile Tells a Story Land Cruiser T-shirt in the Landcruising Adventure T-shirt Shop

12Ender Designs

12Ender approached us a couple of months ago with the request to create a design of one of our Land Cruiser photos. They are using the image to create a Quartets – a card game (which, by the way, was invented in the Netherlands :-)).

A number of characteristic vehicles of our overlanding friends will be part of that Quartet, too – we can’t wait to get the game and play it.

In return for using our Land Cruiser for the card came, we can use the 12Ender design for our merchandise. How’s that for a win-win?

12Ender Land Cruiser T-shirts in the Landcruising Adventure T-shirt shop

No Land Cruiser T-shirt? – Pick an Overland T-shirt!

All other designs are Coen’s. Among the Land Cruiser T-shirts are the popular ‘Blue Circle’, Exploromobile, and ArtsySketchy.

Are you not into the car design? We have great Overland T-shirts for you too! Check out the Roadtrip, Overlanding Pur Sang, or Explore-Get-Stuck-Recover-Repeat designs.

Road Trip & Overland T-shirts in the Landcruising Adventure T-shirt shop

Join the Overland & Land Cruiser Design Team on Patron

And there is no stopping Coen there. His sketchbook is filled to the brim with ideas and we just have to wait when they find the way to this page. He does share his initial ideas on Patreon.

Are you interested in brainstorming with him, being part of, or even steering, a design your way? Have a look and see if you want to become a Patron where Coen shares his ideas (There are Patreon links all over our website, so it’s not hard to miss;-)

But we’ve kept you waiting for a bit now, and you must be getting anxious to see all the T-shirt designs we have been rambling about. So without much further ado—here is the link to the new T-shirt shop.

Do let us know what you think.

If there is anything missing or not working properly, feel free to reach out.


Oh, and don’t forget to watch this space. More designs are in the making, including from designers that may surprise you!

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