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Our life consists of a combination of overlanding and long-distance hiking, and we plan to give the latter a bigger space in our travels. I am truly inspired by all those people who travel the world using human power. And so it’s time for a selection of outdoor adventure books!

By boat, on horseback, running, by bicycle – here’s my pick of inspirational outdoor adventurers. Have fun, whether reading or having your own adventure!

Outdoor Adventure Books on Running

The Pants Of Perspective: A 3,000 kilometre running adventure through the wilds of New Zealand, by Anna McNuff

Hiking the Te Araroa trial across New Zealand is one thing, but running it? But hey, what can go wrong when bringing your pants of perspective?

Just a Little Run Around the World: 5 Years, 3 Packs of Wolves and 53 Pairs of Shoes, by Rosie Swale Pope

I love this story, I love this courage and I love this book. At 57 Rosie starts her run around the world, crossing Siberia and Alaska in winter.

With a Little Dash of Crazy: The 63 Marathons in 63 Days Adventure, by Nikki Love

What a way to celebrate life when you turn 50 – run 63 marathons in the UK.

Dead Man Running: One Man’s Story of Running to Stay Alive, by Mark Church & Kevin Webber

An incredible story of living with cancer and going through extremes to find a new purpose in life – running ultra marathones across the world.

Outdoor Adventure Books on Boat Travel

Four Mums in a Boat: Friends who rowed 3000 miles, broke a world record and learnt a lot about life along the way, by Janette Benaddi, Helen Butters, Frances Davies, Niki Doeg

Four working mums who are ready for some big adventure and then decide to row across the Atlantic – what’s there not to like about it?

Love with a Chance of Drowing, by Torre DeRoche

Being scared of water and falling in love with a guy who is about to cross the ocean in his sailing boat. Would you join your new-found love?

Outdoor Adventure Books on Cycling in Asia

Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, by Dervla Murphy

I love Dervla Murphy’s fantastic adventures, and her solo cycling journey to India (in the 1960s) is one of them.

Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road, by Kate Harris

Truly a fascinating story about two women cycling to Tibet and beyond.

Thunder & Sunshine, by Alastair Humphreys

Dreaming big and hitting the road on a bicycle to cycle across the world. This is part 2 – Americas/Asia. (Part 1 is Moods of Future Joys)

Off The Rails: 10,000 km by Bicycle across Russia, Siberia and Mongolia to China, by Chris Hatherly & Tim Cope

An admirable journey by bike through the Siberian taiga and across desolate landscapes of Mongolia.

Outdoor Adventure Books on Cycling outside Asia

Llama Drama: A two-woman, 5,500-mile cycling adventure through South America, by Anna McNuff

An adventures and tough cycling trip by Anna and her friend Fay across South-America.

Moods of Future Joys: Around the World by Bike, by Alastair Humphreys

Dreaming big and hitting the road on a bicycle to cycle across the road. This is part 1 – Europe/Africa. (Part 2 is Thunder & Sunshine)

Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain, by George Mahood

No money and only shorts to start your journey with, and three weeks to cycle across England to Scotland.

50 Shades Of The USA: One woman’s 11,000 mile cycling adventure through every state of America, by Anna McNuff

Some drive across the US, others hike – and Anna cycles, meeting all kinds of interesting people along the way.

Dodging Elephants, by Alison Morrison

Joining an 8000-mile bicycle race across Africa, why not?

Human-Powered Circumnavigation of the World

Dare to Do, by Sarah Outen

A human-powered, solo trip around the world – by bike and boat.

Other Long-distance Travel Books

In Search of Sisu: A Path to Contentment via the Highest Point on Every Continent, by Geordie Stewart

It was a privilege to meet Geordie in Kazachstan in the heart of winter – we in our Land Cruiser, he on his bicycle on his way to China. This guy loves extreme adventures, as this book will show.

Alone in Antartica, by Felicia Aston

Felicia is the first woman to have crossed the Antartica alone, in the book she detailes her journey.

On a Mission from Dog: Walking Adventures in Africa, by Lorraine Chittock

Going for endless walks, going on road trips, all in the good company of Lorraine’s dog and in the amazing landscapes of Kenia.

On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads, by Tim Cope

Having no experience with horses, Time decides to cross the nomadic cultures of Mongolia and Central Asia to Hungary on horseback. Fantastic read!

She Explores: Stories of Life-Changing Adventures on the Road and in the Wild, by Gale Straub

While working on this blog post, I stumbled on this book. 40 Stories from 40 women exploring the world in different ways. I wonder if it is similar in set-up as I can, I will – Women Overlanding the World, and look forward to reading it.

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