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First published in 2019 / updated in 2021

Over the past 8 years we have shared some 450 blog posts with you on Landcruising Adventure.

Which ones have you enjoyed reading?

Let me tell you…

But wait, didn’t we start overlanding in 2003?

Yes, we did.

The Old & New Website

While our overland journey started in 2003, this website was built only in 2012, after the first website became outdated. We tried incorporating the more than 500 old stories into this website but that quickly turned out a mission impossible.

Yes, to get these numbers I just did a count. Seriously, on Landcruising Adventure we have shared some 950 stories with you over these past 17,5 years of overlanding!

(On this website, that is. Additionally, you can read some 200 blog posts on Notes on Slow Travel, plus we have written tons of articles for magazines)

Topics in the World of Overlanding

The world of overlanding has changed tremendously. In fact, the word ‘overlanding’ didn’t exist in 2003, at least not in the sense as it’s used today. Overlanding is a rapidly growing way of travel, as is the availability of technical gadgets to make life on the road easier.

It’s hard to imagine, but when we left, social media didn’t exist (no Facebook groups, and no iOverlander until 2013!), no forums dedicated to overlanding (we had to ‘do’ with the Lonely Planet forum). GPS did exist but in a very basic way, and for the first 6 years or so we traveled without one.

Some things, however, haven’t changed.

The main talk among overlanders remains gear & equipment. Tires, batteries, and camping gear are often hot topics. This is reflected in our best-read articles on Landcruising Adventure over the last 8 years, the top 3 being gear & equipment related: the Rooftop Tent, the Coleman stove, and the Coleman oven

But since gear & equipment talk is not for everybody, I divided the list into different sections: Gear & Equipment, Destinations, Camping, and Other. At the bottom is a selection of newer blog posts that stood out in 2020.

1- The Most Popular Blog Posts – Gear & Equipment

  1. Why travel with a rooftop tent – the pros & cons
  2. Why we cook on gasoline – the Coleman Stove
  3. Bake your own bread? Are you nuts! – the Coleman Oven
  4. The magic-number car tires for overlanding
  5. Camping chairs for your overland journey
The new tent withstands serious rain storms.
Coleman Camp Oven in Mongolia
Coleman Camp Oven in Mongolia

2- The Most Popular Blog Posts – Destinations

  1. 7 adventurous, cultural, and inspiring road trips in Brazil
  2. Brazil’s worst highway – the BR319 through the Amazon
  3. Why drive the Pan-American Highway – Overlanding the Americas
  4. 5 awesome off-the-beaten-track road trips in Colombia
  5. The Death Road in Bolivia

3- The Best-Read Articles on Camping & Accommodation

  1. Overland camping in Argentina – Tips on campsites & wild camping
  2. Accommodation & Camping in Peru
  3. Accommodation & camping in Chile
  4. Overland Camping in South Korea
  5. Tips for overland camping at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

4- The Most Popular Blog Posts – ‘Other’

  1. Meet the Land Cruiser
  2. The stupidest things overlanders brought on their journey (and their smartest, too)
  3. Carnet de Passage – What is it & how do you use it
  4. Do we consider a different vehicle
  5. Steaming vegetables in the pressure cooker – a simple why & how

Of course, the big problem with these lists is that blog posts of, say, 5 years old have had much more time to accumulate pageviews than blog posts published only 1 or 2 years ago.

So which blog posts were particularly popular last year (that are outside the above-mentioned lists)?

5- Among the Most Popular Blog Posts in 2021

  1. Land Rover or Land Cruiser, and Why? Part 1: The Land Rover Aficionados
  2. Land Rover or Land Cruiser, and Why? Part 2: The Land Cruiser Aficionados
  3. Oatmeal Breakfast – A Perfect Start of an Overlanding Day
  4. The Land Cruiser Factory in Japan & the Land Cruiser Community
  5. Full-time Overlanding & Rock Climbing – Meet GrizzlyNBear Overland

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