Money – Currency & ATMs in Bolivia


The Bolivian currency is bolivianos. In writing, B is used. Compared to Brazil, Argentina and Chile, Bolivia is very cheap. For example, a set meal lunch will cost between 10 and 20 bolivianos (1 and 2 euro).

Rates & Money Change

Aug ’07: in Ibiboso (Transchaco Highway) we could change our Paraguayan guaranis for bolivianos at the immigration office.

Sep ’10: the rate was 8.6 bolivianos to a euro.
Feb ’13: the rate is 9.5 bolivianos to a euro

During our various stays between 2007 and today we have used ATMs to withdraw money and never had problems with that.

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Bolivianos or Pesos?

By the way, it seems they are using the word ‘pesos’ more than Bolivianos. Is this a new thing? Has the name of the currency changed, or is it a regional issue (and thus ‘pesos’ in east Bolivia)?

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