Middle East

Overland Travel in the Middle East

Traveling to the Middle East in your overland vehicle or exploring the region on foot are particularly popular yet, but those who have been there will tell you both can be so rewarding.

Drive to Iran, heralded as being one of the most hospitable countries in the world and home to the culturally rich cities of Esfehan and Shiraz.

Jordan deserves a visit in your overland vehicle with vast deserts to camp and canyons for a 4×4 challenge. Or park your overland vehicle for a while and explore the country on foot, following the 650-km-long Jordan Trail.

Overlanding in Russia (©Coen Wubbels)

Books on Overland Adventures

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Long-distance hiking in Jordan (©Karin-Marijke Vis)

Books on Long-distance Hiking

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Hiking the Jordan Trail (part 2)

Starting the new year in Ais, part 2 of hiking the Jordan Trail leads from Ais, via Dana and Petra to Wadi Rum and Aqaba, totalling the 650 kms adventure on foot.

The Jordan Trail Hike (part 1)

Part 1 of the Jordan Trail – 650 kms of hiking trails through Jordan. From the north, the hike goes from green lands to altitude plains.

Landcruising a River in Iran (video)

An oldie from 2003, our first river crossing ever, which was in Iran in the great company of our overlanding friends Erwin and Bastienne.

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