Overland and Land Cruiser Communities

Read about our annual Overland Reunion in the Netherlands where we welcome past, present and future overlanders for a weekend in the woods.

Learn about Japan’ strong Land Cruiser and particular 40-series community that regularly get together throughout the country.

Some countries in South America, such as Brazil and Suriname, have 4×4 communities that organize events as well. Get in touch with them and share some awesome trips.


Overland Reunion 2020, Netherlands

Overland Reunion 2020

Covid screwed up the tradition of having our annual Overland Reunion in May, but who cares? We made more than up for it last weekend (late August). Probably because so … Read more

Overland Event 2019 (©Coen Wubbels)

Overland Reunion 2019

Every year, past, present, and future overlanders – long-term (world) travelers with a private vehicle – meet in the woods to catch up and share during our overland reunion.

Overland vehicle talk

Overland Reunion 2017

This year’s turnout has not surpassed previous Overland Reunions. And we’re happy with that as we feel we have reached some sort of sweet spot. You can wander about and … Read more

Overlanding in Venezuela

Overlanding in Venezuela

Overlanding in Venezuela: making new friends and becoming part of Destinos Inteligentes for a weekend.

Overland vehicles and meeting in the Netherlands

Overland Reunion 2014

With 70 past, present and future overlanders we had lots over info, adventures & challenges to share during our annual Overland Reunion in the Netherlands.

Overland Reunion 2013

During Landcruising Adventure’s 8th overland reunion overlanders met in the Netherlands to share stories & tips on exploring the world with their vehicle.