Making Friends

Making Friends on the Road

Overlanding is never just about driving from A to B. It’s about staying in places, visiting sites, enjoying the outdoors, rough camping. Meeting people and making friends is a super important part of your overland trip. It’s guaranteed to leave you with the best memories of your journey.

One thing we experience and continuously hear from other overlanders is how many kind, open, helpful and hospitable people there are throughout the world.

To share that beautiful part of humankind, we like to share some of these encounters here with you. Enjoy!


Overland Reunion 2024

For the 17th year straight, we gathered with a group of like-minded overlanders in De Lutte for our yearly reunion. Over time, some of us have become friends during our … Read more

Feeling Welcome in Vladivostok

Vladivostok: from a new, flashy and organized airport into maddening traffic, but most of all into the welcoming home of new friends.

Thank You Japan!

What a journey it has been! 9 months, 11 islands, 12,000 kilometers from Kyushu in the south to Hokkaido in the north. We kept you updated through our Where are … Read more

Thank You South Korea!

When writing our last newsletter (Yes, I want to receive it too!) I was reminiscing about our 6-month stay in South Korea and started thanking people whom had helped us in … Read more

Overland Reunion in Venezuela

Meet the Venezuelans!

One of things that makes any journey to Venezuela unique is its incredibly kind, helpful and hospitable people…

Venezuela, First Impressions: Los Llanos

Staying with indigenous people, welcomed in a workshop, invited to visit hatos and being part of one of the country’s biggest festivals. Yes, we like Venezuela.

Overland trip in Brazil; meeting locals

Bye Bye Brazil

After 4 extensive visits, totaling some 600 days we are leaving Brazil…

From No-gos to Paradise

Sometimes we’re not in harmony with ourselves, each other, or our surroundings. And then, suddenly, everything changes…