Long-Distance Hiking Gear List 4.0


Never change a winning team, they say.

Tried and tested are the things we should not mess with. But as technology advances and new concepts are introduced, we have to keep looking at the options available. We (well, I, Coen, the gear guru & gadget guy in the team) check our hiking gear list and see whether we can improve, optimize and shave off a little weight here and there.

“And do you carry a tent with you?” is a question we get asked a lot. “How much does it weigh?” comes next.

So, after four thru-hikes we share with our gear with you, which got trimmed since our previous hiking gear lists that we made after the Jordan Trail (find it here) and Turkey (here it is).

If you’re into weights and more specifics, take a look at Coen’s 7.4kg baseweight list.

Coen’s Clothes

Hiking gear list 4.0 - clothes Coen

Karin-Marijke’s Clothes

Rain Protection

Camping Kit











Thoughts and Questions about the Hiking Gear List

Are you struggling with choosing on what to take and what not? We certainly are. Each hike requires another, serious look at our hiking gear list. What do we need this time, and what can we leave behind.

This time, walking the 500-K Pieterpad in the Netherlands, the choices aren’t as though as before. If need be we can buy almost anything in a shop in the next village, or even hop on a train and get it home or a friend’s place. That’s quite a luxury compared to hiking in the wilderness where you have to carry food for 4 or 5 days because there is simply nothing to be had in between.

But yet, choices must be made. We can’t bring everything. Often it’s the choice between weight and comfort. How many T-shirts do you really need? And how many pairs of socks? All the little things can add up. We’ll talk more about this in another blog post.

And although many wonder how we can pack all that stuff in our 30 and 40 liter packs, we feel that we covered all our necessities.

Big Thanks to our Friends

We are grateful to PinewoodArmadillo, and Big Agnes. They have provided us with the best in clothing and sleeping bags. Thanks Moalem, who made backup cooking possible with InstaFire and Emberlit, Darn Tough for their excellent socks, and Montane for the backpacks that carry all our stuff on our backs.

Finally, thanks Amazonas for inventing the lightest hammock in the world! 🙂

Check it out: our Wild & Outdoor Cap & Shirt Collection

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