Tire in a Mile T-shirt – The Latest Landcruising Adventure T-shirt Creation


“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” ~Salvador Dali

I am forever sketching lines, doodles; creations that don’t necessarily have to make sense. I may be taking a rest on a mountain ridge, or sipping coffee at a roadside cafe, or lounging in our camping chairs. My notebook isn’t far away. Neither is my modern sketchbook, which is always in my left side pocket: the iPhone.

Sometimes ideas derived from those initial scribbles turn into brilliant starting points for more interesting sketches.

100% Creation on the iPhone

When I finalize a sketch and turn in into a piece of art that we use for our T-shirt designs, I mostly use Illustrator for that purpose. But for the last sketch I worked on, I thought of using the iPhone from the start of the designing process and downloaded the Adobe Sketch app, which is a free app.

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Every Mile Tells a Story T-shirt

I sketched in Sketch by trial and error over the course of a week. Doing that, I learned you can export the entire process as an animated time-lapse movie. What a brilliant feature.

As a result you can see what I did. As to not to rob you of any valuable time, I trimmed it down to an under-two-minute video.

So, here it is, the Landcruising Adventure tagline in a fresh design. I hope our “Tire in a Mile” t-shirt will find a way into your wardrobe.

What’s the favorite style and color of your new Landcruising Adventure T-shirt?

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Enjoy these Legendary Roads:

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