Overland Travel in Suriname

One of the three tiny countries on South America’s northern side, Suriname lies far from everywhere due to the Amazon Rainforest that cuts it off from the rest of the continent. Don’t let this stop you, Suriname is a fascinating country.

There aren’t many roads and chances are that you will explore parts by boat, on foot, or even plane (to get deep in the rainforest). However, a vast savannah turns Suriname in an overland travel paradise. Unsurprisingly, Suriname has an active 4×4 community so see if you can join them on a rally.

Suriname is unlike any other country in South America due to its diversity of cultures. Don’t miss it.


Overland off road; a car rally in Suriname

Challenges of a Car Rally in Suriname

The 18-hour SOL Adventure Rally and the 4-day Savanna Rally focus on the savanna of Suriname. We joined the dozens of teams and conquered our own challenges.

Hashing in Suriname (and the World)

The Hash House Harriers is a running club that exists worldwide. We are introduced to hashing in Suriname, and learn there’s much more to it than running.