South Korea

Overland Travel in South Korea

Disconnected from other countries by road, you have to ship your overland vehicle to one of its ports before starting out on a unique road trip.

In South Korea, don’t expect dirt roads or 4×4 challenges but enjoy the ease of driving on asphalt. The mountainous and coastal landscapes are beautiful beyond imagination and driving your overland vehicle allows you to visit the remotest temples and pitch your rooftop tent anywhere for a night under the stars. Driving and camping in South Korea are super safe.

Apart from that, make sure to include some hiking, whether in a national park (Seoraksan and Jirisan are recommended) or the challenging and stunning 750-km-long Baekdu-daegan Mountain Ridge.


Overland adventure; driving in South Korea

Cherry Blossom in South Korea

The cherry blossom in South Korea is the announcement of spring. People go out, join the crowds, have fun, and take selfies!

Thank You South Korea!

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Transportation in South Korea

Underground, above the ground, on foot, or varying from using 1 to 4 wheels or more. See the fascinating, nifty, and fun ways of traveling in South Korea.