Overland Travel in India

The country of color, mad traffic, and a liveliness that is unique in the world. You love it, you hate it – and yes, in India those emotions perfectly go hand in hand. A fabulous country rich in historical heritage and religious beliefs, national parks, and Goa with beaches for those who are a bit too overwhelmed.

Northeast India, also known as the Seven Sisters, has been less traveled because, among other reasons, many states required permits. This is no longer the case and so it’s time to explore the region properly, on a Royal Enfield. It’s a region that is changing fast, so the best time to go is now.

Nagaland Road trip, India (©Coen Wubbels)

Taking the Enfield across Nagaland (India)

Our three-month road trip through the Seven-sister states of India started in Assam. After our journey through Meghalaya and Tripura, Mizoram and Manipur we arrived in Nagaland, the infamous state ‘without roads‘. … Read more