Overland Travel in Guyana

One of the three tiny countries on South America’s northern side, Guyana lies far from everywhere due to the Amazon Rainforest that cuts it off from the rest of the continent. Don’t let this stop you, Guyana is a fascinating country.

Guyana is the country for overland travel as roads are scarce and your rig will allow you to see and explore more than with public transportation. From the asphalted coastal road on the north to the vibrant capital of Georgetown, you drive south to the overlanders’ true paradise.

The Rupununi Savannah comprises a large area of the country. A true off-road challenge in the rainy season, a dusty but mind-blowing exploration of wild landscapes in the dry season. Bring enough food, pop your rooftop tent and enjoy Guyana’s stunning wilderness.


Guyana’s Tapirs

Ever heard of Guyana’s Tapirs? Take a look, they are quite a sight. But they are not at all what you’d expect. No wildlife, but cars!