French Guiana

Overland Travel in French Guiana

One of the three tiny countries on South America’s northern side, French Guiana lies far from everywhere due to the Amazon Rainforest that cuts it off from the rest of the continent. Don’t let this stop you, French Guiana is a fascinating country (an overseas department of France, in fact, so bring Euros).

Driving your overland vehicle allows you to go where public transport doesn’t. From perfect asphalt cutting through rainforest in the south, the main road meanders along the coast to Suriname.

French Guiana is among the easiest countries to watch sea turtles without a guide. It has a rocket space center where you can attend a rocket launch free of charge as well as lots of hiking trails. Overlanding in French Guiana is full of charms.


Travel overland in French Guiana; smooth asphalt

Back to Europe?

Europe in South America: French Guiana. It has the euro and lots of good wine and cheese. It’s also on a major drug trafficking route – how safe is it?