Overland Travel in Colombia

Colombia is increasingly popular among overlanders. And rightfully so. Among the kindest and most hospitable people in South America, just meeting Colombians is a reason to visit the country.

Good asphalt meanders for kilometers through the Andean Mountains, allowing for pleasant road trips to picturesque and traditional villages. Drive through Colombia’s famous coffee region, and take time to rough camp in the unique landscape of the Tatacoa Desert.


Overland adventure in South America; driving the Pan-American highway

Why Drive the Pan American Highway?

What’s the lure of the Pan Americana? I asked a number of overlanders what made them drive (parts of) the Pan American Highway that links Alaska with Ushuaia.

Reasons to visit Cali, Colombia

Cali is a city in Colombia known for its salsa and night life. We didn’t see any of this but enjoyed our stay for many other reasons.