Overland Travel in Chile

The long, elongated string-bean sized country along South America’s west coast has everything it needs to make Chile a perfect country for your overland journey.

The enormous Atacama Desert in the north allows you to get lost, have an off-road adventure, or to explore ghost towns dating from a glorious past. The second wilderness lies in the far south, a wild landscape with glaciers where few people live.

Driving the Carretera Austral is the ultimate way to see one of the remotest regions in the world.


Overland adventure in South America; driving the Pan-American highway

Why Drive the Pan American Highway?

What’s the lure of the Pan Americana? I asked a number of overlanders what made them drive (parts of) the Pan American Highway that links Alaska with Ushuaia.

Overland travel on Chile's altiplano

The Altiplano of North Chile

Cruising the Altiplano of North Chile, which is characterized by llamas, vicuñas, ceremonial villages and colorful landscapes.