Central Asia

Overland Travel in Central Asia

The former Soviet Republics that makeup Central Asia today are:

Collectively they are often referred to as the ‘Stan’ Countries.

Increasingly popular on the world’s famous overlanding routes,  you will find bicyclists, motorcycles and cars battling on the famous Pamir Highway in Tajikistan, wild camping in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and cruising across the endless steppes of Kazakhstan.

Culturally speaking – from a traveler’s point of view – Uzbekistan beats the others with clear remnants of the Silk Road heydays with richly decorated mosques and other architectural buildings.

Turkmenistan remains the hardest to visit with providing you with either a 3-5 transit visa or a 30-day tourist visa with a mandatory guide.

Overlanding in Central Asia is often a part of a bigger loop that includes Russia, Mongolia, the Caucasian countries and/or Iran and Turkey.

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