Overland Travel in Argentina

Arguably among the easiest countries for overland travel in South America is Argentina. Leave the vibrant city of Buenos Aires and hit the road to drive down the coast for 3,000 kilometers. Park your overland vehicle anywhere you want, watch marine wildlife and pop your rooftop tent for a night under the sky.

Or head inland, into vast and windy Patagonia to go south to Ushuaia, the endpoint of the Pan-American Highway, or west to the Andean Mountains where hiking opportunities abound.

Overlanding in Argentina is about feeling free and rich with all that space home to so much wildlife.


Overland adventure in South America; driving the Pan-American highway

Why Drive the Pan American Highway?

What’s the lure of the Pan Americana? I asked a number of overlanders what made them drive (parts of) the Pan American Highway that links Alaska with Ushuaia.