Impressions of Georgetown (Guyana)


We spent a couple of days in Georgetown and enjoyed it. Here are some visual impressions.


The Red House – So called because of the distintive red-wallaba shingles that protect the imported (pitch-pine) softwood beneath.
Demerara shutters. They used to put chunks of ice in the wooden box at the bottom which cooled the hot air coming into the house
Typical architecture
Some buildings could use some maintenance
The interior of Georgetown’s cathedral

Transportation & Car Stuff

Common means of transport in Guyana
In need of a radiator?



Visiting the Dom Bosco orphanage.
Cute girl on her way to a party

Influences from India
More people ready for a party

The Stabroek Market

Cigarettes are sold by the piece
Crabs for sale

The Stabroek Market
Please pay cash
Selling water in plastic bags

And More Impressions of Georgetown

The 1763 monument by Philip Moore in honour of the slave rebellion in Berbice in 1763 that lasted almost a year. The rebellion started on Plantation Magdalenenburg
Lots of flowering lotuses
Georgetown’s Boulevard is popular with hikers and runners

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