Our Favorite Hiking Gear – the List After 2 Thru-Hikes


This is among the favorite stuff we have taken on our multiple-day/long-distance hikes (find the stories here). It is the hiking gear we have come to trust and depend on.

Kitchen - Cook - Eat

The stainless steel pans double as food bowls, and when packed they hold the stove, lighter, cutlery, pan handler, spices, and tea bags.

Camp - Tent - Sleep

The hiking gear that forms our home away from home, and protect us from the elements: The Tarptent, thermarest inflatables, and Big Agnes sleeping bags.

Care - Health - Clean

What’s in our care pouch? The basics to survive.

Layers - Shoes

For weeks on end we wear the same stuff, day and night.


Headlights, Kindle, iPhone,  and the necessities to charge them.

Fixing - Repair

A lightweight minimal repair kit is your first-aid kit for stuff, you could say.


From necessities to things that give just that of bit extra joy/comfort when roughing in for so long.


We are grateful to Pinewood, Armadillo, and Big Agnes. They have provided us with the best in clothing and sleeping bags. We’ve dealt with freezing temperatures and raging storms, but thanks to the layered systems of Merino wool clothing and down jackets and sleeping bags we were comfortable warm.

What is your favorite hiking gear? Feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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