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Besides our general Brazil page on accommodation & camping, I’d like to share a number of accommodations in Brazil with you. Some of these we just stumbled upon during our journey, checked it out and were enthusiastic. Other stays were a result of an invitation from the owner(s) who wanted to share a part of their lives with us.

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Types of Accommodations

At Salto das Nuvens we lunched and admired the waterfall, at the Floresta Amazônica Hotel we camped in the parking lot, Coen recuperated from his dengue (read about it here) at the Pakaas Jungle Lodge, and the owners of BossHouse in São Paulo were good friends of ours before they opened Bed & Breakfast (in no time recommended by Tripadvisor, by the way) and on our second visit checked it out.

During our last trip in northeast Brazil we have made some remarkable friends who happened to have guesthouses and who invited us to stay with them: Pousada Portal do Vento in Tatajuba (where we had our kitesurfing adventure, read about it here) and not far from there we stayed at two guesthouses with the name Pousada Vila Bela Vista.

Sometimes it’s good to take a time-out when being on the road for long. Whether because you are ill, or because it feels good to splurge every once in a while, and so I thought about sharing these stays with you. They’re all worthwhile places when in need of a break in the journey.

Are you looking for genuine tourism? Check out Cristalino Jungle Lodge in the heart of the Amazon, or Sebuí’s Ecolodge in one of the few remaining Atlantic Rainforests. In northeastern Brazil you can explore farm life and unusual rock formations at Hotel Pai Mateus.

The Pakaas Jungle Lodge and the Floresta Amazônica Hotel are top destinations for bird watching in the Amazon rainforest. The Pantanal offers a wide range of accommodations, but few are located so deep in the wetlands as Fazenda 4 Cantos.

Our Top Accommodations in Brazil

São Paulo: BossHouse B & B


A family-run guesthouse with a spacious room with kitchenette, and facilities such as Wifi and safe parking space. Milena, Marcos and Boss speak English. A good place from which to explore downtown São Paulo [read more here].

Paraná: Ecolodge of Sebuí


A 45-minute boat trip takes you to the Ecological Reserve of Sebuí. A great place for hiking to waterfalls, canoeing through the mangrove, watching wildlife, and staying in an ecolodge. [read more here].

National Park Chapada dos Veadeiros: Ecolodge Spazenda


In the heart of Goiás, Janet and Xavier offer a choice between a stay in a restored fazenda (farm) and a modern ecolodge. Both places have comfort and space (great for kids) and Spazenda has a sauna.

Ceará, Jericoacoara: Pousada Vila Bela Vista

Pousada Vila Bela Vista

Patricia and Marcio were among the first to start a pousada in the now-popular beach town of Jeri, and are scoring high on Tripadvisor. Lots of outdoor activities among which horseback riding in the dunes [read more here].

Paraíba: Hotel Fazenda Lajedo de Pai Mateus

This inviting cattle ranch has extensive tourist facilities with guided tours to rock paintings and the otherworldly collection of smooth boulders: ‘The Place of Many Stones’.

Alta Floresta (Amazon): Floresta Amazônica Hotel

Floresta Amazonica Hotel – Curl Crested Aracari (©Rudimar Cipriani)

A comfortable hotel with basic as well as luxurious rooms, and forest trails to, among other things, a Harpy Eagle nest. It is a good place from where to organize your trip to the Cristalino Jungle Lodge [read more here, or book here].

Alta Floresta (Amazon): Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Cristalino Jungle Lodge

A top location for ecotourism and bird watching. It can be reached only by boat. Experienced guides take you on hikes to spot wildlife and to watch the sunrise from a 50-meter-high watchtower [read more here].

Mato Grosso, Tangara da Serra: Hotel Salto das Nuvens

Salto Nuvens

Salto das Nuvens is also the name of the adjacent waterfalls in the Sepatuba River, and is a good base to go diving, snorkeling, boating or fishing.

For hotels in Tangara da Serra, check here.

Pantanal: Fazenda 4 Cantos

Fazenda 4 Cantos

This off-the-grid farm is an eco-tourist venture in the heart of the world’s largest wetland. A good place to recharge your energies, to fish for piranha, to observe wildlife and to go horseback riding [read more here].

Rondônia (Amazon): Pakaas Jungle Lodge

Constructed on 8-meter-high stilts, this guesthouse offers fabulous views of the black-water Pakaas River and the white-water Marmoré River. A place for bird watching, wildlife viewing, and boat trips to Amerindian villages [read more here].

Ceará, Tatajuba: Pousada Portal do Vento

Portal do Vento

Situated on the Kitesurfers’ Beach of Tatajuba this remote yet comfortable guesthouse is thé place for kitesurfers to relax and eat well, or for travelers to explore the surroundings dunes, lakes and mangroves. [read more here, or book here].

Ceará, Preá: Pousada Vila Bela Vista

Pousada Bela Vila

Patricia and Marcio recently built a second guesthouse (with the same name) far away from the crowds, right on the kitesurfing beach of Preá. [read more here or book here].

Do you have recommended places to stay in Brazil? Please share them with us in the comments below so other travelers may benefit as well. Thanks.

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  1. Have you been to TocaTerê in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro? It is set in the forest very near the the Serra dos Órgão National Park. I can’t believe it is only 90 minutes from Rio, yet so lush, peaceful and full of wildlife. The town is charming too, with artisanal goat cheese, a local brewery and many places with handmade chocolates and sweets.

    Love your site! It is super informative for a more conscience type of travel. Cheers!

  2. Great list of lovely places to stay when you are a little tired of the Landcruiser. Is there anyway you can share with me the GPS coordinates of these places in some sort of a downloadable file? Thanks!

    • Heya Curt, we don’t have downloadable files with coordinates I’m afraid. We do have a page full of useful overnight locations in Brazil, if you are looking for those? [You can find them here]


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