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OFF Track

An Overland Adventure to Southeast Asia

"If I were going to travel the world for two years, would you come with me?"


In Forever Off Track, Karin-Marijke and Coen take you on their journey to Southeast Asia in a rusty Land Cruiser. A drive of 75,000 kilometers through 15 countries in 3.5 years.

From unprecedented hospitality in Turkey and Iran to unique experiences in little-traveled Pakistan, Bhutan and Tibet. From boisterous arguments about each other’s driving styles to unanimous enjoyment of the wonderful people who crossed their paths and with whom they were guests. They traveled through India for a year and escaped a bomb blast in Bangladesh, but not malaria. In Cambodia they wandered through jungles littered with landmines and in Laos they got lost on the former Ho Chi Minh route.

For those who wonder if it can really be done – leaving everything behind, going out into the wide world and trusting what comes your way – this story is for you.

With an Introduction by Harold Stephens


What do our Dutch readers say:

(Automated Translations)

'Forever Off Track' is an impressive book. Those who cannot or dare not travel themselves are celebrated by you to distant places. All feelings came along for me: from admiration to horror, from incomprehension to recognition. But what I remember most is your team spirit, the unconditional trust in each other and in your joint strength. Wonderful to read and to be happy about!
Rianne Tazelaar
One overwhelmed even more than the other. I am left with wonder and admiration. You know that feeling of being left with a void when a good movie or book is over or out. I have the same with your travel book and everything around it. What a clean and sad world but also very many nice people there are in the world. For the time being you and all the stories will keep driving around in my head.
Frans Mensink
I don't know how soon book 2 will be out, but I'm signing up in advance! The 1st book is out. Fantastic.
Judith Koppes
Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks to your stories we recently bought a 1973 HJ45 pick up.
DT Brabander
Wonderful book, Karin-Marijke and Coen. Read it in one breath, thank you for the beautiful stories! Hopefully there will be another book.
Annette Knoop
One does not travel in distance, but in emotions. I read that once years ago. The book Off the Path has everything a good travel book should have. Humor, self-mockery, enjoy, annoy, bale, suffer, have fun and be grateful to your toes that you get to experience this together with the very dearest. Sometimes everything came together in one chapter. As said, one does not travel in distance but in emotions!
Ada Rosman-Kleinjan​
Thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Forever Off Track' . Well and smoothly written. You are taken all the way to Southeast Asia. Not only the beautiful moments, but also the challenges encountered are well described. I am very curious to read the book about South America, a continent unknown to me for a world trip.
Stan van Veenendaal
A beautifully written book, but what impresses me most is how you travel, with what trust (in each other, but also in the universe) and how you learn to let go, to accept things as they are. Your journey and your experiences are very beautiful to read, that gives you fernweh, but even more beautiful is the linked personal, inner journey that Karin-Marijke describes beautifully and incredibly honest in many situations. This book is an absolute must for anyone interested in travel. Looking forward to the 2nd book!!!
Belinda Harms
I thought it was a wonderful book. I enjoyed hours and now know much more about all those countries you drove through. Looking forward to your new stories.
C. Niccols
I am pleased with the book 'Forever Off Track'. It is well written, reads nicely. Nice combination of describing travel, cultures, annoyances and beautiful nature.
Inge de Klerk​
What a wonderful book! It allowed me to escape for a while and travel with you. I hope the next book comes soon!
Marijke van der Veen
The book 'Forever Off Track' af takes you along with the adventure of Karin-Marijke and Coen in their rusty yellow Land Cruiser. The story of spontaneous encounters, new friendships and emotions that are released when discovering yourself (and each other) in a world that is not self-evident, reads delightfully. Along with the selected beautiful photos, you quickly find yourself fully "in the backseat" of their trusty Toyota where, as a reader, you not only get to hear the beautiful story, but also experience the inevitable moments that occur when going off the beaten path, where things chafe between them for a moment.
Gert Uylenborgh
A delightful escape from the daily grind of lock down, due to covid-19. Had the feeling of being on a journey myself while reading. Enjoyed immensely the unexpected events and interesting and fun encounters, the beautiful nature and insight into different cultures. Not only the adventures, but also the introduction to other religions and customs makes the whole book incredibly fascinating. Not to mention the beautiful photographs.
Anita Schavemaker
I have been following you on the site since our trip through Japan. However, this book reads even better and also gives an interesting look behind the scenes. This book is highly recommended. Traveling is a way of life and sometimes you need a vacation in between where you do nothing special. Very recognizable.
Monique Meulstee
What a wonderful travel book, which reads smoothly and contains tremendously interesting stories about other cultures. Sometimes I laughed enormously other times I read about situations with amazement. But all in all an honest and real travel story. I can't wait for the next part which is going to be a must buy anyway!
Ronnie van Achterberg
Coen and Karin-Marijke, thank you for the trip! Your beautiful descriptions and images made me imagine myself in South East Asia for 384 pages. No better way to feel in this oppressive time the space of the desert, the silence of the high mountains and the warmth of people from other cultures. I want more!
Annika Groeneveld​
Read in one breath... What a fascinating, exciting, moving, informative and most of all inspiring book! Having been on a very small part of this journey in Eastern Turkey, while reading this book I had the feeling of being taken further along again. The beautiful descriptions of special encounters, the beautiful nature, other cultures and religions, life in the Land Cruiser and the personal emotions together with beautiful pictures take you off your own path for a while! The last page ends with : 'to be continued' .... a new continent a new adventure ... looking forward to it!
Joanne Schelhaas
The travel adventures captured in one book; MAGIC!!! The stories and accompanying photos take you into the adventure and let you "taste" the world as you experienced it. Thoroughly enjoyed! Mille grazie, what a wonderful book!
Bob Reith
Geez, suddenly landed back in reality! What a special, beautiful and impressive journey I had with you! Bummer that this has now come to an end. This "train" went a little too fast....
BE Jozefzoon​​​
What a delightful book to read. Informative and with adventures along the way. As an LC Troopy user, I am more than satisfied!
Ronald van der Meijs
I too read this wonderful book in one breath. How beautifully written, beautiful pictures and short and sweet. Some parts I would have liked to read more extensively, but yes, put a 3.5 year journey in one book. This book was quite an experience for me and for a while I could imagine myself in your situations. Thanks again for this wonderful book. Definitely going to read this one again.
Paulien Oude Veldhuis​
What a delightful book! Great to be allowed to travel with you like this. Not only your experiences but certainly your approach to situations, the personal and relational challenges made it a multifaceted and rich book. We had already seen some of you on YouTube and the book did not disappoint. Book 2 I hope to read when we have taken the big step of traveling ourselves.
Patty Heesakkers
Thoroughly enjoyed this amazing travel adventure from beginning to end! What beautiful encounters with people in countries about which there are so many prejudices. An honest book too that dares you to look at your own behavior and reactions. Your way of traveling is an inspiration for many. I eagerly await the sequel!
Anita Verhoeven
This is by no means an ordinary travelogue. It can serve as inspiration and for learning. Atmospheric and full of emotion. For the adventurous traveler.
Bron: NBD Biblion
Thank you for the beautiful book! I was already following you through the 4WD magazine. Every issue your contribution was the first thing I read. The stories in the book are a wonderful summary of your journey, I can't wait for the next book!
Bas Wieringa​
Great book!!! The book is pleasantly written and makes you feel like you are really there. Wonderful adventures and you show well that people are generally kind and helpful. Highly recommended!
Edwin Siebesma
'Forever Off Track' was a great book for me to read. Your book brought back many wonderful memories. As soon as it is possible again to travel without restrictions we will hit the road again. Am very curious about your next book. Discovering new worlds remains our choice as well.
Ton de Jong