Festivals & Events

Festivals and Events to Check Out on your Overland Trip

You don’t require your own overland vehicle to see these festivals and events, but some are easier to access when you have your own transportation, such as a remote Nadaam Festival in Mongolia. And to join a car rally, well, you need a car.

Here are among the favorite festivals and events we enjoyed on our ongoing overland journey. Pick the ones you like and at them to your bucket list.

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Overland adventure; driving in South Korea

Cherry Blossom in South Korea

The cherry blossom in South Korea is the announcement of spring. People go out, join the crowds, have fun, and take selfies!

Overland off road; a car rally in Suriname

Challenges of a Car Rally in Suriname

The 18-hour SOL Adventure Rally and the 4-day Savanna Rally focus on the savanna of Suriname. We joined the dozens of teams and conquered our own challenges.