Chile’s Northernmost Desert


Emptiness, canyons, volcanoes, llamas and alpacas characterize Chile’s most northern, practically uninhabited corner (basically driving west from Arica to the triangle with the Bolivian and Peruvian border).

The hardship of off-roading through a desert at 15,000 feet is compensated for by natural hot baths. Here are some visual impressions of that region.

It is in places like this that we feel richer and more privileged than ever with the lives we live. Driving here can be tough, dusty, tedious, tiring and we challenge the extremes we are capable of dealing with. In regions like this we have to watch our food supply and drinking water and Coen has to be creative in fixing car trouble along the way. Many will wonder what the pleasure is of such hardship, of traveling without the ordinary comforts of the western world.

We have all we need. Each other, a home on wheels, freedom to go and stop wherever we want. We are part of a world which is still largely unspoiled and uncontaminated and home to an abundance of wildlife. It offers all the space in the world to drive, to hike, to safely rough camp, to sit and admire the blackest of nights because there is no light pollution. To take in the magnitude of creation. How can that not be a privilege?

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