“Do you Carry any Landcruising Adventure T-shirts in your Car?”


Originally published in 2014 / Updated in 2017

From a Troller to a Landcruising Adventure T-shirt. How did that happen?

Well, let me tell you.

One day, Karin-Marijke had a nasty case of the runs so we drove to Fortaleza (Brazil) where she made me find a hotel and went to bed. I checked out the internet and read that:

  1. I had been invited to a meeting at the #1 Troller dealer of Brazil.
  2. A Brazilian family was driving all the way from São Paulo to spend some time here and wanted to meet us.

I made sure Karin-Marijke had enough fluids and made my way to the Troller guys. They showed me around, told me about the new (still secret) model they have been working on, and offered me a great Troller T-shirt.

That afternoon I met Erikson from São Paulo, who had been following our adventures for a while. Coming from São Paulo, Fortaleza is a stiff drive for a long-weekend holiday but he said he loved driving his Bandeirante [the Brazilian-made Land Cruiser] so he hadn’t mind for him and his family to drive throughout the night.

As it goes on such meetings, I opened all doors and, of course, the Land Cruiser’s hood so he could have a peek in and around our house on wheels. We chatted about the differences between the Bandeirante and the Land Cruiser, and particularly the Mercedes engine that characterizes most Bandeirantes. He has his engine equipped with an air brake booster, which I find awesome.

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Coen posing with a Land Cruising Adventure T-shirt (photo by Adam Harteau ©ouroupenroad.com)
Coen posing with a Land Cruising Adventure T-shirt (photo by Adam Harteau ©ouroupenroad.com)

Landcruising Adventure T-shirts in our Land Cruiser?

After two hours it was time to say goodbye and I handed him a set of our postcards.


“Ah, don’t mention it. Thanks for stopping by to see us.”

“No worries, we were planning on staying here anyway.”

“Well, take care and have a safe drive back to São Paulo.”

“Oh, that reminds me, I saw Landcruising Adventure T-shirts on your website. Could I see the black one?”

He thought we were driving around with hundreds of Landcruising Adventure T-shirts. I explained that those shirts are available online because the Land Cruiser doesn’t have enough space to store them. Our Landruising Adventure shirts are printed on demand, which makes it convenient but, unfortunately, a bit more costly affair. But logistically there simply is no other way.

The Online Store

The price tag you see now (around 20-25 dollars) doesn’t mean we are making a big buck on them. We are not. And that’s okay. We just like to share our Landcruising Adventure with you in different ways, and with the limited means we have (being lack of space in the Land Cruiser) we figured this was the best way to do it.

If you haven’t so already, do visit our shop and check out our selection of T-shirts. There come in different series and I’m thinking about adding another soon. If you have any ideas about what you think the next Landcruising Adventure T-shirt should look like, comment below, or send us an email and I’ll happily look into it.

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