Accommodation & Overland Camping in Ecuador


We had a wonderful time traveling and camping in Ecuador. Here’s an overview of places we stayed.

Among our overland camps in Ecuador:

  • We rough camped at various places, such as along the coast, and at the páramo of Hacienda Zuleta (read about it here).
  • We camped in somebody’s garden, or we were invited by total strangers who subsequently became good friends, such as the Australian Graham in Ibarra.
  • We were invited to camp at a Salesian Mission.
  • We paid to camp at Rumi Wilco Ecolodge in Vilcabamba (read about it here).
  • We got permission to stay in the parking lot in Saraguro for the Three Kings Celebration (read about it here).
  • For New Year’s Eve we stayed at a fire station in Cuenca (read about it here).
  • We camped in a workshop in Quito for 4 weeks (read about it here) to get a lot of work done (read about it here).
  • We camped in centers of small towns such as Zaruma.
  • We camped National Parks. While at Podocarpus National Park we couldn’t enter the park by car and camped in the parking lot, we had some fantastic camping spots at the Chimborazo Volcano and Cotopaxi National Park.

All in all quite a variety of overland camping spots during our six-month stay in Ecuador.

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Meeting local people.
Rough Camp at Laguna Atiilo
Camping near the Chimborazo Volcano
Camping in a workshop in Quito

GPS Waypoints of Campgrounds and Overland Camps in Ecuador

Let there be no misunderstanding: no, you don’t have to go to these places. No, these are not by definition the best spots. After having traveled in South America for so long we realize that it’s no problem here to find your own beautiful spots for camping. We decided to continue the page anyway, for travelers who would like some tips about camping spots which we enjoyed or found practical. Please note that this is always our personal experience.

You can also check out iOverlander, where you can see where other overlanders spent the night.

Drinking Water from the Tap
Note that sometimes we write ‘drinking water from the tap’. This means we drank that water because locals told us it was safe and we didn’t get sick from it. Things change, including quality (and safety) of water, so always ask local people if the water is still safe to drink.

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    • Nope, sorry no way to download waypoints in one file. What you could do is, click on the KML icons next to the waypoint description under the map [that will download that waypoint] and later drag them over to Google earth, from there you could export them all I guess…


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