Overland Travel in Asia

Overland travel in Asia is roughly divided up in two commonly driven routes:

Drive from the taiga in Siberia and Mongolia’s empty steppe down to Central Asia. In Central Asia, old traditions and rich culture go hand in hand with mind-blowing landscapes that invite you to rough camp and go for a hike.

Don’t miss out on Iran’s famed sense of hospitality when you drive from the Aegean Coast in Turkey to Bangladesh’s flooded plains.

The Far East is a lesser visited overland-travel destination, which is a pity. Overlanding in South Korea and Japan is easy and fascinating, and we have written extensively about driving and hiking in both countries.

On this page you’ll also find info on backpacking trips in China and the Philippines.

The Philippines by Boat

Beach, snorkeling, sunsets, outrigged boats, lazing, reading a book and more while exploring the Philippines by boat.

Signboards in Pakistan

Enjoy an impression of Pakistan through road signs, bill boards and other texts found along the way.

Windshield Views From Asia

Windshield Views from Asia give a peek of landscapes, off-roads, animals, details, and a lot of other things during our overland journey to Vietnam.