Overland adventure in Japan during winter

Driving in Japan in Winter

“Yes, your tires are here waiting for you, but there are only two.” This was odd because our friend Masa had ordered four of them more than a month ago. … Read more

Overland Reunion 2020, Netherlands

Overland Reunion 2020

Covid-19 screwed up the tradition of having our annual Overland Reunion in May, but who cares? We made more than up for it last weekend (late August). Probably because so … Read more

Overlanding in Brazil

Why Visit Brazil? 5 Reasons

Brazil has much to offer and those who have followed our adventures know we spent more than two years driving to the country’s remotest corners, getting to know the very … Read more

overland information on road travel in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Overland Travel Guide

Travel information for your overland journey to Kazakhstan: roads, online navigation, gas stations, camping, and much more in our Kazakhstan Travel Guide.

Overland camping - sharing a bonfire with fellow overlanders

Overland Camping in Tajikistan

An overview of GPS Waypoints for overland camping in Tajikistan, including favorites from overlanding, and additional camping info on Tajikistan.

Guyana’s Tapirs

Ever heard of Guyana’s Tapirs? Take a look, they are quite a sight. But they are not at all what you’d expect. No wildlife, but cars!

Overland cooking equipment; the pressure cooker

Pressure Cooker 101

Pressure Cooker 101 covers the basics of using a pressure cooker, specifically a Hawkins Futura. Water quantities & time tables, and PDFs.