The Adventure Sports Fair in São Paulo


The annual fair in São Paulo attracts some 50,000 visitors who are interested in outdoor activities and/or adventurous travel. People can check out activities such as a climbing wall or canoeing in a water tank, and there is a section for off-road test driving.

There are numerous stands with travel agencies, vendors of outdoor gear or travel products (I was pleased to see quite a few stands with ecological/organic products). Each year there are a number of travelers as well, who have a unique story to tell.

Our Adventure Sports Fair

In 2010 we were in the neighborhood and decided to participate. As we wanted it to turn it into something fun and adventurous looking we drove to the forest for a weekend and cut bamboo (with permission of owners). To get that load of bamboo properly attached to our friend’s Land Rover was no small feat and we were lucky not to be fined by São Paulo’s strict traffic police.

With help of our Brazilian friends we set up the stand the night prior to the Adventure Sports Fair. For four days we had a stream of visitors. Some had read about us, others were fascinated by the possibilities of long-term travel. We showed the Land Cruiser’s ins and outs and shared out stories. We hope that the event may have helped visitors to see that the world isn’t such a dangerous place, that the planet is worth exploring and that there are beautiful people all over the world.

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