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We spent some 2 months in Paraguay, over several visits in 2007 and 2009. Although Paraguay isn’t in any way spectacular, we came to appreciate the country as we stayed longer and got to know local people.

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Staying with Local People

Among the most surprising moments in our journey was the invitation to stay in Mennonite communities and even with a couple of families. It gave us great insight into their way of life. Thank you all so much!

A second visit we won’t forget easily is our stay with Fundacación Hogar Unidos por Cristo, on the outskirts of Asunción. Taking orphans is one thing, but 200? Well, Patricia did it!

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Sharing a Terere (cold herbal tea)
Kids at Hogar Cristó Orphanage

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Overland Camping in Paraguay

We found Paraguay a safe place to travel and camp. On a couple of occasions we camped along the side of the road, asking for permission at a petrol station or a parking lot of a restaurant. Camping in National Park Cerro Corá, in the north, as quite beautiful except for the day it rained, and a good place to spend the night before (and after, for that matter) crossing the border with Brazil.

Having said that, camping in the streets of Asunción was discouraged. Not just by other travelers, also by locals, including the police. During both visits we were directed to the Botanical Gardens to camp free of charge, which was a perfect solution.

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Okay, camping in the rain is never much fun, no matter where you are

GPS Waypoints of Campgrounds & Overland Campspots in Paraguay

Let there be no misunderstanding: no, you don’t have to go to these places. No, these are not by definition the best spots. After having traveled in South America for so long we realize that it’s no problem here to find your own beautiful spots for camping. We decided to continue the page anyway, for travelers who would like some tips about camping spots which we enjoyed or found practical. Please note that this is always our personal experience.

You can also check out iOverlander, where you can see where other overlanders spent the night.

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