Accommodation & Overland Camping in Guyana


In Guyana our nights were roughly divided between rough camping and staying with local people.

Particularly the Rupununi Savannah is the ultimate spot for free camping!

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Hospitality – Staying with Locals

Before reaching major cities we try to find accommodation, in which most cases we succeed. The Guyanese have been very hospitable to us and we’ve stayed in quite a few homes, most noticeably in Georgetown but also elsewhere. Couchsurfing has been a useful way to find places to stay but most were a result of a “friend of a friend” contact

On Couchsurfing, find us under ‘Coen Wubbels’).

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Overland Camping in Guyana

We had no problem finding spots for rough camping, especially the Rupununi Savanna offers ample opportunities. Let there be no misunderstanding: no, you don’t have to go to the places we have put on the map.

No, these are not by definition the best spots. After having traveled in South America for so long we realize that it’s no problem here to find your own beautiful spots for camping. We decided to continue the page anyway, for people who would like some tips about camping spots which we enjoyed or found practical. Please note that this is always our personal experience.

You can also check out iOverlander, where you can see where other overlanders spent the night.

Tips, Suggestions, Feedback?

Do you have overland campsites we should add to this page? Please share it with us in the comments below so other travelers may benefit from it. Thanks.

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    • I’m not sure. I haven’t paid attention to it actually. Why not go with gasoline? That is readily available. You just bring the stove.

  1. Great post! Just wondering where will be the best place to start a camping tour over Guyana. Thank you.

    • Georgetown most likely will be the start of any journey in Guyana when flying in. Otherwise you’ll drive either from Suriname or Brazil.


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