Accommodation & Overland Camping in Bolivia


In Bolivia we enjoyed quite a bit of overland camping. It’s a country with lots of space and few people so finding a spot to rough camp generally was easy.

In, or near, towns or cities we asked for a place to camp in a parking lot of a hotel or restaurant, which generally worked out okay. Sometimes we paid a small fee to use their bathroom/shower.

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camping in Bolivia - Laguna Colorada
camping in Bolivia - next to a hot spring in the mountains
camping in Bolivia - next to a hot spring
camping in Bolivia - the mountains

The Ultimate Region for Overland Camping

Overland camping is at its grandest at Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, and in Sud Lipez, the rough region on altitude south of Salar de Uyuni towards Chile (San Pedro de Atacama).

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Staying with Locals & at Hotel Oberland

Since we have family and friends in Bolivia we stayed with them too. We didn’t use the Hospitality Club or Couchsurfing (Find us under ‘Coen Wubbels’).

In La Paz we joined the masses of overlanders at Hotel Oberland. It’s pricey for the place they offer but it’s safe + it’s fun to be around other overlanders every once in a while and catch up on stories and itineraries.

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GPS Waypoints on Accommodation & Overland Camping in Bolivia

Let there be no misunderstanding: no, you don’t have to go to these places. No, these are not by definition the best spots. After having traveled in Bolivia for so long we realize that it’s no problem here to find your own beautiful spots for camping.

We decided to continue the page anyway, for travelers who would like some tips about camping spots which we enjoyed or found practical. Please note that this is always our personal experience.

You can also check out iOverlander, where you can see where other overlanders spent the night.

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5 thoughts on “Accommodation & Overland Camping in Bolivia”

    • Hi guy’s, great to here from you and your volunteering project. I can’t seem to find out if this place allows for Overlanders to camp there. I mean does is has access for cars and trucks? And adding a gps waypoint for future reference on the site would also be of great value! Keep up the good work.

      • At the moment there is only tent camping space because the site is on the steep edge of a valley.But there will be space for a couple of campervans/cars with tents etc.. shortly…once we get round to levelling a section of the land! We will let you know when that is done!


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