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Hello friends,
Greetings from Georgia! Currently, we are camped on a vast, empty field near the concrete ruins of a once-flourishing hot-bath complex. Fortunately, one bath remains intact, and as December brings temperatures nearing freezing, we indulge in a long, pleasant dip twice a day.
Vashlovani Desert, Georgia. photo credit: ©Sarah Fraser
Vashlovani Desert, Georgia. photo credit: ©Sarah Fraser
Our previous newsletter was from Armenia, just before we set off on our 850-kilometer-long Transcaucasian hike. Rather than rehashing our experiences here, please check out the blog posts below that I wrote about the various stages of this extraordinary long-distance hike.

Additionally, you’ll also find our most recent ‘Where Are We’ blog post, detailing inspiring encounters with kindred spirits in Armenia and Georgia while camping at renowned overland campsites and resting places.

This time our newsletter will focus on two exciting topics: the ongoing crowdfunding campaign for our third book in Dutch and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for our first book in English!

Voor de Kunst Crowdfunding van Over Bruggen

— The next part is in Dutch for our Dutch readers. English continues further down.

Na boek 1, Van Het Pad Af over onze reis naar Zuidoost-Azië, en boek 2, Omwegen - naar het Einde van de Wereld, over onze eerste jaren in Zuid-Amerika, kunnen we nu spreken van een trilogie. Want boek 3 is namelijk in de maak: Over Bruggen - Dwars door de Amazone.

In dit boek nemen we je mee offroad door de geschiedenis en het moderne leven van Noord-Brazilië en de Guyana’s, dwars door het oerwoud en over het strand in onze trouwe Land Cruiser.

Ook hier zal ik mezelf niet herhalen; op onze crowdfunding pagina kun je precies lezen waar boek 3 over gaat. Vergeet niet het filmpje te kijken waarin ook veel foto’s voorbijkomen die een beeld geven van deze fantastische reis.

Je kunt je inschrijven voor een exemplaar dat door ons beide zal worden gesigneerd. Bij Over Bruggen krijg je natuurlijk - net als bij de vorige boeken - een door Coen ontworpen boekenlegger.
Daarnaast zijn er tal van andere opties: voordeel bij 3 of 9 boeken; een combi met een tumbler glas, t-shirt of hoodie; en de mogelijkheid om ons te gast te hebben voor een lezing - ons ‘Sterke Verhalen Pakket’.
Heb je al een boek besteld? Fantastisch, dank jewel voor je steun!

We zijn intussen halverwege de crowdfunding, en bijna 70% is binnen. Dat is een prachtige start, maar we zijn er nog niet.

Elke hulp is welkom, dus deel die pagina met vrienden, familie en kennissen zodat ons bereik zo groot mogelijk wordt.

Je kunt hiervoor heel makkelijk de blauwe social icoontjes gebruiken links bovenaan de pagina.

Onze dank is groot!

Kickstarter Book 1 - Forever Off Track

The title is still under debate, but the book is finally ready to be launched into the world.

In Forever Off Track, we will take you from the Netherlands to Southeast Asia in our rusty Land Cruiser, covering 46,000 miles across 15 countries in 3.5 years.
I have toiled on this book intermittently amidst countless new adventures, car troubles, and stays with wonderful people for about 10 years… Perhaps that counts as some kind of record, surely?
The logistics present still a significant hurdle, especially considering the shipping costs from Europe to other parts in the world. If anyone has experience with such projects, we’d love to hear from you regarding the most affordable options.

Although the book is almost ready, we still need the funding to actually have it printed and shipped to you. Hence the Kickstarter campaign. We expect to run it in February/March and have the book in your mailbox in May.

Since not everybody receiving this newsletter may be interested in the book launch, we have set up a separate newsletter dedicated solely to our book (and, hopefully, future books) and the Kickstarter. In that newsletter, we’ll also share previews of our adventures from the book.

Feel free to sign up here:
(No worries, we won’t use that newsletter for anything other than our book-related news)

The Coffee Flashback

When we crossed Turkey the first time in 2003 we were flabbergasted by this man walking around with this huge contraption on his back. "What the heck is he selling?" we exclaimed. There was only one way to find out. So we ordered to cups of what turned out to be excellent coffee. Of course, as coffee addicts, he soon became our good friend for the day.

Our latest blogposts

Camping in Armenia & Georgia, in Good Company (Where are We, Georgia, 2)

Overlanding in Armenia, the Land Cruiser in front of the snow-peaked Ararat Mountain (©Coen Wubbels)
A brief update on what’s been happening since we completed our epic 850-kilometer-long Transcaucasian Trail in Armenia. After a seven-week hike, it was time for several things: to rest to do laundry to work to catch up with friends and family online to hopefully connect with some fellow overlanders again Read More: Hiking the 850-km-long Transcaucasian Trail The weeks passed …

Hiking in Armenia - the Transcaucasian Trail, stage 5: Syunik Province – Jermuk to Meghri

Hiking the Transcaucasian Trail, or TCT, in Armenia (©Coen Wubbels)
As our followers on Facebook already know, we hiked the 861-km Transcaucasian Trail in Armenia. We divided our 39-day trek into 5 stages. Let me give you a peek at our last stage: 8 days of hiking through the Syunik Province, starting from Jermuk and ending in Meghri. Along the way, we visited the Vorotan hot springs and Tatev Monastery, made our …

Books about the Caucasus - Armenia & Georgia

Books about the Caucasus (©Coen Wubbels)
An overview with books about Central Asia (Mongolia, Stan Countries) and the Silk Road: Non Fiction, Fiction, Travel Memoirs, Guidebooks.

Hiking in Armenia - the Transcaucasian Trail, stage 4: Vayots Dzor - Yeghegnadzor to Jermuk

Hiking in Armenia - the Transcaucasian Trail, stage 4: Vayots Dzor - Yeghegnadzor to Jermuk
As our followers on Facebook already know, we are hiking the TCT – the 861-km-long Transcaucasian Trail in Armenia.  We've broken down this 39-day trek into 5 stages. Here's a glimpse of stage 4: 6 days across Vayots Dzor, from Yeghegnadzor to Noravank Monastery, Old Martiros, Gomk and Artavan to Jermuk. Crossing from the Gegham range into Vayots Dzor, the terrain changes …

What’s next?

Coen in Turkey to fix the long-standing problem with the gear box while Karin-Marijke will be in the Netherlands for the holidays.

Keep in touch, we’d love to hear from you.
And don’t forget to hit the button(s) above we just shared with you to join us in our crowdfunding / kickstart campaigns…

We appreciate your support!
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